Credit Where Credit Is Due

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  1. Sooooooooo......
    I think we need to continue all this @84Ttop love and help out some more NA guys, .....I really need that spare V3 sc you have laying around :rlaugh: I'll pm you my address soon!!! :jester:
  2. I might not have a spare laying around but I can get you the absolute best deal on a new kit period! Pm me for pricing!
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  3. Nick is a badass dude! He recently did something very generous for me as well. Won't go into detail about it but wanted to make the honorable mention since MadMike got the ball rolling on this "Saint Nick" thread.

    @84Ttop :hail:
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  4. I'm assumating that nick gave you an ol' reach around of sorts? ;) @84Ttop
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  5. I just wanna add that Nick hasn't done anything for me...

    But I'm optimistic ;)
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  6. everybody is going to want one. :nonono:
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  7. No offense gentlemen, I don't swing that way. I might know a girl if you all are interested. I just got her number off the stall door at Home Depot. Said "call Butch for a good time" lol
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  8. Dibs.
    Don't give her number to anyone else ;)
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  9. Hey my moms name is butch!!! :mad:
  10. Well that explains a lot. o_O
  11. Hey she's a nice lady :angry:
  12. Well this turned into a good time in a hurry. I wonder if Butch ever dresses like a unicorn?
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  13. Wheres the boobs in this thread? :shrug:
  14. Noobz has been in the thread several times,..he's the only boob you'll see here.

  15. Be that way. See if I ever send you those one-of-a-kind macaroni emblems now! :fuss:
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  16. I heard boobs and came as fast as I could. What a let down.
  17. Nothing to see here. Try the Malaysian Airline thread started by S&B.
  18. Here's nicks handy work just got these in today they are so awesome! image.jpg