Credit Where Credit Is Due

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  1. Just got my turbo manifold from nick as well. Really pleased with his work
  2. You must've caught nick on a bad day ... Probably the day after he crashed his stang into the wall :( haha sorry nick had to
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  3. I thought the same thing. Somewhere in the world, a person is patting himself on the back over that mess.
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  4. Nick+St. Patty day+10 Irish car bombs+welder= that photo

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  5. Not my best work.... Sorry
  6. Yeah, Nick's a good guy. You'd think someone who owns a ProMod would be some rich snobby dude, but he's actually cool and down to earth!
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  7. A little Mother's metal polish should smooth that right out. o_O
  8. Best part is he assured me it was TIG welded. Well worth the extra money.
    Says he runs the same one on his top fuel car
  9. Those slag pieces actually help with turbulence to help spin the wheel faster!
  10. You can go ahead and start calling me Dad from now on.