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  1. as i was installing some seat brackets for sub frame connectors, I noticed that one of the fuel lines had a crimp.. ive had the car for over 3 years and never "noticed" anything with the fuel and never checked the fuel pressure.. Should i categorize this as "if it aint broke dont fix it" or should i replace the line.. Thanks!
  2. Its not a matter of pressure so much as volume. If it isn't lean enough to throw a code, let it alone for now while you sort out how and when to fix it. Did a jack smash it while you had it? I had to repair mine when I bought it because it had about 30" of rubber line hose clamped in (who does that?). I ended up splicing both steel lines back about the rear of the passengers wheel and using a 37 degree flare to convert it to -AN fittings and braided hose up to the fuel rail. I have BBK rails. Worked out nice but was a pain in the arse to figure the plan of attack. I didn't see the need to run all new lines at this point and replacing factory lines with the same kinda seemed like a PITA.
  3. i dont know how the crimp/kink happened?? i just hope i dont run into the same problems you did..
  4. You can get a flair kit and fix it or get a 3/8" internally braided rubber hose and double clamp on each side. Obviously option #1 being the better of the 2
  5. So YOU are the guy that spliced my high pressure line with rubber hose and clamps! :nono:
  6. Yeap that was me!....But when in a pinch you gotta get home right??? Can't leave crippled Rustangs around detracting from the landscape. Besides people have used 3/8 Fuel hose and clamps on fuel systems for years. Least i offered the "double clamp feature" Its more of a quick fix.

    But you got me Flare kit it is!!
  7. Ya back in the day most weren't 40psi. More like 7psi. But I see your point. I look at it like repairing brake lines with compression fittings..I saw dealership guys do this..ugh
  8. I have scientific research proving that you get 20psi of pressure for every clamp used. Now if this was 1976 i would have advised the use of 2 clamps. When they the 60psi fuel systems debut i will be sure to advise 3 clamps in a row. I will get back to you on the torque sequence though. :)
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  10. oops edit turned into a double post which turned into a triple post after i explained it.
  11. LOL too funny!