Crooked Upper Torque box kit

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  1. I installed my upper upr torque box kit. I got all 4 bolts through the piece underneath and drilled the plate that sits in the car. The plate that sits in the car is crooked. The other pics that I have seen show that the plate sits straight. How could this be if all 4 of my bolts are caught and tight? Also the plate does not sit flush on the floor of the car, like I have seen in pics. Any suggestions? Thanks
  2. First you more then likely drilled it wrong and not straight secondly I had mine not sit flat I just heated it with a torch and beat it in place before I welded them up
  3. Do you have pictures to so it can explain what its actually doing?? I am a bit confused. My top piece is crooked, with pre-drilled holes IIRC.
  4. I'll get some pics tomorrow. Just making sure if the inside plates being crooked is ok
  5. Mine didn't either in the driver side , I had to use a bottle jack to straighten it out

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  6. It should be fine as long as its not like 45* crooked or something
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  7. How you drill the holes can affect it, but they're never perfectly symmetrical. This is not a UPR thing. This is an anybody's torque box plates thing. I personally snug the bolts, hammer the plates to shape them to the floor, then weld them in.
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  8. ^^this
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  9. correct
  10. You don't have the top plate upside down do you?