Cross Boss Intake - Anyone Ever Seen This ?

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  1. I'm in Utah at the Miller Motorsports park for my Boss Track Attack and they have a collection of extremely rare Ford cars and some rare assorted Ford parts. I came across this "Cross Boss" intake manifold and carb and I've never seen this before. You guys ever seen this ? Do you know if this thing is for a Clevor or a regular small block ?
    CrossbossupperPNLarge.jpg crossbossportsLarge.jpg
    crossbosslowerpnLarge.jpg crossbosscarbpnLarge.jpg
    crossbossassemblyLarge.jpg crossbossassembly2Large.jpg
  2. Never seen one. That seems like the kind of thing that would make madmike1157 drool.
  3. it is fore a boss 302, they are very rare. i once tried to buy a trans am preped full race 69 boss 302, the motor was scattered but it had the cross boss intake on it. the car was always a race car and was fully role caged. it was a competition orange car . this was several years ago ,i offered the guy $3000. for it . he told me he didnt want to sell it . pissed me off when i heard he later sold the car for $2800
    if i rember right the carbs are made by autolite . and i believe it was part of fords experimental line
  4. You can see the Autolite stamp on the carb in the pic =)

    So it is for a Clevor/Boss type motor. You are correct, if you look at the part number you will see it has the experimental part number designation.

    The worst part is now that I've seen one, I really want one......
  5. lots of money if you do find one. just think how i felt missing out on the whole car.
    it seems like i have seen a sibe by side carb version as well .
  6. The carbs were used in trans am. Ford engineers taking advantage of the "single four barrel" rule as dictated by the SCCA back in the days of Boss 302 Trans Am racing decided to go the Weber style inline route as opposed to the standard, square 4 hole route to improve fuel distribution to #'s 1,4,5, and 8. Never used as a production carburetor for a street car, I don't think they even had an idle circuit.

    And they are as rare as they come. When Ford decided to get out of racing in 1970,..they were no longer produced.

    And I am drooling.:drool:


    This was a publicity picture Ford offered the sanctioning body to help convince them that they were being made in enough quantity to get past the rule for homologation.
  7. BarrettJackson2009122.jpg


    I just saw that one of these intakes went for almost $5k on ebay. Here is the description that went with it:

    Quoted only info I thought was relevant to the thread.
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  8. sweeeeet. and look how clean and simple.
    caution this image may be hazardouse to those with pace makers. sorry it may be a little grainy, its from my hot rod collection. this is a 289. you have to look this article up. ford.jpg
  9. What are those thing that look like fuel rails in the picture Noobz347 posted?
  10. If I had a Boss or was building a Clevor, that sucker would be in my trunk, even if I had to sell the wife's car or pimp her out to afford it!:rolleyes:
  11. Those are fuel rails, and that aint the carb in this thread. (Notice the lack of accelerator pumps on the driver side of the carb) That is a inline 4 hole throttle body on a Rousch offered engine that sells for ONLY 18k.
  12. always wanted to build a boss using the cleveland heads. i had a trans am block at one time and sold it .they have a high nickle content and the metal is a different color sort of like a dirty nickle, than a cast block and they dont rust as easy . just finding the right intake would be the trick. to bad this one is not available still. i know several old drag racers in the area,and i know atleast one of them has this intake but he will not turn loose of any thing. same guy has several un used SOHC 427 motors from his drag days and wont turn loose of any. he was sponsored by ford in the early 60s his drag car was a thunder bolt.
  13. yes in fact i have seen one, well three actually, and all in the SAME place. there was a ford parts store in the LA area years ago that had three of them for sale, complete with the autolite inline carbs. two single carb intake tops and one twin carb intake top. i wish i had money at the time as all three set ups would have gone home with me, including the five inline carbs that they also had sitting around loose.
  14. was that shop called ford power parts? i think that was the name .the guy used to stop by when ever he was in the area. i havnt seen him in quite a while. he had all kinds of ford goodys.
  15. Thanks for clearing up my confusion.
  16. My friend used to buy all his stuff from Ford Power Parts back in his circle track racing days.
  17. i havnt talk with this guy in years . he bought most of my 428 parts . is he still in buisiness? been so long i cant even rember his name. nice guy though
  18. Just a little second-hnd FYI on the Autolite four barrel. My former boss used to help out with a circle track car owned by a local Ford dealer and it ran an Autolite inline carb. He said it was by far the best carb he's ever tuned, no question about it. It had replaceable venturis and he also claimed a lot of the parts on the carb interchanged with the old single-barrel carbs found on Ford 6-cyliders! The more he talked about these carbs, the more they seemed to be like Weber carbs. I always wondered about making my own intake to fit two Webers inline on my small block.
  19. it might have been, but it has been so long since i have been there i just dont remember.