Cross Boss Intake - Anyone Ever Seen This ?

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  1. Back in 68 I worked for a big ford dealer on long island.We allways had the factory reps visit with parts like that.One time they did bring several of those cross boss manifolds & inline carb setups.I still remember some of them did not have a idle circut.They were made for racing engines that idled at 2000 rpm.They looked cool.
  2. I had one of those on my 1970 BOSS-302 back in 1974,5,6,7. Sold the car to Sonny Chaplin on James Island, SC in 1977. Ford made 2 different carbs…875 and either 1050 or 1150 (??? could be wrong on the big ones), 4 pumpers and non-progressive. NASCAR outlawed them the moment they saw them test at Charlotte when those added 10-15 mph on the Mustang mini NASCAR racers. When I went to Palmetto Ford in 1975 to order a gasket and calibration kit they told me…NO WAY…DOZZ part…CANNOT DO…After that I called Jack Rousch (still with Gapp then) and he gave me parts numbers and prices and when I went back to the same old line I called Jack, put him on speaker and he kind of read the riot act to the parts guy who know more then anyone!! Anyway, I got the kits for the price Jack said they were.

    Craigs-List for BOSS-302 in Greenville, SC and you can see a copy of the last registration. I can't seem to upload ad file right now. The only photos of the car I have are from my wedding day 29SEPT74 in front of Ken and Randy Nashs house on Manor Blvd. in Charleston.
  3. Back in 69 my dad and I ran a 63 Ford Falcon with a 69 Boss 302 motor that we bought in a crate from a local Ford dealer. As time went on we ordered and installed the crossboss manifold and inline Autolite carb. All was lost in a house fire in 76
  4. Kinda awesome to hear from people who actually had them on their cars.
  5. Hi, I'm new to the forum. I stumbled on this because I was asking my friend about these several brand new manifolds that he has in his machine shop. He first showed them to me about 30 years ago. Since several of my friends are mustang lovers, I just asked him about these again. He replied, "Oh you mean my Cross Bosses". Imagine, he's got a few of these. I hope he wills me one. He did have a setup for sale but without the air cleaner. I believe he was at some Carlisle, Pa. Show, it didn't sell, but it wasn't cheap thats for sure. I think he had it for sale for $7k. The entire setup is like fine jewelry to look at.
  6. I also had one for awhile. Later sold it for a nice profit and purchased a Bud Moore Mini Plenum at a great price. Was recently offered $3.5k for it.

  7. I saw one at the swap meet at Mid-America Ford and Shelby in Tulsa. I have a pic of it somewhere. It was for sale for 2k!
  8. I would LOVE to have one. I'd build a motor specifically to make use of it.
  9. Hi, I don't know if I posted a reply to this or not somewhere else. My buddy has a few of these. At least one is brand new, unused. The first time I ever saw it, I just said, "Wow...". I want to buy it from him just to have it for someday.
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    Is that actually a dual inline 4barrel intake?I would certainly echo the sentiment of building an engine around one of those if it were in my possession! :cool::nice::jaw::burnout: :drool::hail:

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  12. The "Cross-Boss" intake and Autolite Inline carbs are my speciality…as per my handle. I owned a 1970 T/A Boss 302 Mustang and had one on my engine since 1981. It was vintage raced/street driven/open tracked also. A bit of history on the C/B and Inline: they were intended for Trans-Am racing, however SCCA banned them, so none were ever raced in that series. Ford made two versions of the carb the "A" is 875 cfm, and the "B" is 1425 cfm. Some tops of the intake were drilled for both, however, most are for the 875. The carbs are very simple in design and highly tunable. The intake is somewhat of a bastard design as it had a very large plenum, with long runners resulting in uneven cylinder to cylinder flow. Gas puddling is common in number 1 and 5, and can cause a bent rod if not carefull. With a large cam, and huge plenum, with the huge Boss 302 ports, its not a torque motor by any means, and it will need to idle @ around 2000 rpms. However, when it runs in the 4000 to 8500 rpms its heaven on wheels.