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  1. Has anyone installed a GM alternator in an early Stang? GM alternators are so much cheaper. One web site said the bottom bolt needs a one half inch spacer added and the top adjustment arm needs a one eighth inch "massage".
  2. i have a single wire gm style one made for ford it was like 130 bucks and it works great
  3. I know this is a very old question, but may help those interested
    On an old Ford this is an easy Cheap Conversion and I done it for Simplicity of one wire :)
    If you already have this alternator available and they are a Dime a dozen at most Salvage yards, The mounting hole has to be drilled out to 7/16 hole as they are only 3/8" hole from GM, install the pulley and fan from a Motorcraft alternator and yes these do fit, a custom length spacer is required, I just stacked flat washers till it was correct, now it is a bolt on with the old style V-Belts, run one wire the main battery wire is all you need, on a car with a Serpentine Belt the GM alternator is not the right diameter but is solved with a fabricated bracket short as possible between the alternator and the Cast aluminum bracket, a custom belt length is required, Gm has now gone to a smaller light weight one wire alternator that works just as good which I have gone to now
    Its easier than you think, I have one on a 64 1/2 Mustang replacing the generator and one on a 94 GT 5.0 car and don't regret it,
    I know Hard Core Ford people don't ike this, but with basic hand tools it is an easy and simple conversion on 5.0's and older
    I like my Fords, but some parts GM has them beat ;)
  4. i have put various gm parts on and in fords. i have also put various ford parts on gm products as well. the only thing i wont put in a ford is a non ford engine, just like i wont put a non gm engine in a gm car. i will make an exception about using the cummins diesel engine in trucks though. i would also make the same exception with the perkins diesel engine as well.
  5. thats the oldest thread I've seen bumped in a long while...

  6. no offense but gm alternators are crap