Crossing The Aisle

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  1. Well folks, as much as I love my LX and always will, it will be sharing the carport with a rival. My better half has gotten her way again. This is the new entry, her new toy.

    1996 LT1 unmolested 52k miles. It's gotta be a 95+ on the cosmetics. Florida car it's entire life and been kept in Richmond VA area climate controlled garage for the lase 7 years. Paid 12k even.

  2. i woulnt be ashamed of that. Although Im not old enough to have one LOL
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  3. Im glad your exited looks very clean

    Im also not old enough to have one, at least it has a nice place to keep all your viagra and free baseball caps
  4. You all are a friggin riot.. LOL
  5. I dont know how an old person would get in and out of these things. Kinda takes a bit of twisting and contorting.
  6. Cool :nice: make her happy!!!
  7. maybe try cialis then :shrug:
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  8. Is that a Cobra?
  9. Well, there's certainly no twisting or contorting involved with Viagra.
  10. That's what she said
  11. Unless you gotta pee with it still... Uhm... Engaged.
  12. Naw, if Cialis worked those two on the commercial would be in the same bathtub. . . . .;)

    Stick with Viagra. . . after an hour, that thing's so hard you could cut glass with it!!
    And, yes boys. . . .I do know from experience.
  13. Do you have a corvette too?
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  14. I kinda like vettes.. But more so the '00+
  15. I like it. Does it ride as good as it looks? Where in Md do you live john dirks
  16. A bit north of Annapolis.
  17. Boo...hiss...bad mustang owner. (Shhh I do too):hide:
  18. Does it still have the factory Rogaine squirters in the dome light?

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  19. Got it covered....

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  20. Man I must be a corvette owner. I'm bald,older than the avg mustang guy?,and as far as Viagra...well I'm not there yet at least.