crown vic 4.6 swap?

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  1. So I found a lightly 4.6 engine/trans with all the accessories for 400... it's from a 94 crown vic...

    would it be worth swapping into a fox?

    How many parts would need to be swapped to get any power out of it?

  2. Hell no!!! A 94 4.6 motor is non pi (non performance improved) & most likely has about 200hp @ the crank. The only 4.6 worth swapping in IMO would be a 4V....

    To get any power out of that 94 motor, you would need 99-04 heads/cams/intake, & that would only put you at PI motor specs which were roughly 265 hp/300 tq.
  3. meaning too much work to get power out of.... sucks... 400 bucks is pretty cheap for running engine/trans...
  4. Definitely. It is a very good, reliable motor, BUT, not much of a powerhouse & not worth all the work... I will bet you it only puts down about 175rwhp LOL...
  5. A 2v 4.6 could be a good swap, but the pre 96 4.6's are JUNK! I have a Crown Vic fetish and can tell you all the difference between them. If you are looking at Vic engines get anything after 2001. That is when they went to the PI stuff, also the 4.6 in the 2004 and later cars are rated @ 250hp, exacly the same engine as the 260hp 'Stang engine.

    On the 94 engine, if it is still in the car and you can hear it run, and it isnt smoking to beat the band (pre 96 have problems with valve seals) and you can get it ALOT cheaper then buy it and tinker. But the throttle body is at the rear of the manifold, and the intakes flow like crap. also they are only rated at 195 Civvy and 210 Police HP. Sorry for the disjointed post... I'm tired.
  6. have any idea what parts would have to be swapped to make it worthwhile?
  7. Keep the oil cap, and swap everything under it for anything 2001 or later....
  8. I lauged so hard when i read this...

  9. The '92-'95 Romeo engines were not only down on power, but also amongst the least desirable of all the Modular blocks. As stated...the heads and intake are junk and the short block itself isn't much better, as are most of the linkages. The earlier F2VE iron blocks although not completely weak, are inferior to the '96-up F6/F7 blocks. The earlier blocks us 4 cross bolted mains, where the later blocks have 5.
  10. As much as i love mod swaps, a 94 vic motor is not one i'd use.

    If anything look for a PI motor, or maybe even a 93-98 Mark 8 4V engine.
  11. I see a lot of these in my local yard. I was wondering if a cobra intake would wake that beast up and make it a worthwhile swap.
  12. Why stop there?


    There are 3 mark 8's at my local yard. I wonder how much i could snag an engine for.
  13. Bill is going to shat himself if you let him see that. its even the same color as his.
  14. If your going to do a 4.6L swap get one from a Mustang. 99-04 are the most desirable for a 2V. But even if you get a 96-98, that's waaay better than trying to make one work from a Crown Vic. You are gonna run into all sorts of trouble.
  15. if for some reason you REALLY want to stay with a 2v. find one of those mark8 32v motors and throw a set of 2v PI heads on them :) good things happen
  16. if you have a 97-98 mark 8, swapping a kewbra unit on will make maybe 5 hp more lol..
  17. 32v means its a 4v not a 2v why would you swap out b heads for some pi heads? npi heads flow more anyway, its not the heads that are bad its the cams/intake..
  18. First....he realized that 32V means the engine is a 4V. The actual point behind the swap is cutting some serious weight with the aluminum block and adding a pile of compression to the engine by combining the 2V top end and the 4V bottom end. The B-heads do outflow both the PI and NPI heads, but they do so at the expense of added weight and low end torque production.

    Second....NPI heads don't outflow PI heads. Maybe after serious porting a difference will be realized, but stock out of the box the PI heads school the old NPI castings. But yes, the cams and intake are trash on the NPI heads too.
  19. Gearbanger ftw... COMPRESSION!!!
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  20. How would that compare to the 3V 4.6L? I've read it clocks in at 420 pounds fully dressed. That seems pretty light.

    I'd imagine there would be a flood of 3V's available in the boneyards with all the 05-10 Mustangs and 04-10 F150's in the boneyards in the next few years.

    Seems a nice chunk of weight off the nose and some good performance potential

    Here's another sick twisted though...what's the new 3.7L wiegh in at?? It is all Aluminum right? 305HP too? EVen though it's a V6, that's Cobra engine HP right there. 275 ft-lbs of torque is a little weak, but a light coupe and some 4.10's will fix that. Add a nice power adder and that might be a light but pwerful combo