Crown-vic Brake Conversion

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  1. barman. Post here, what you're wanting to do.

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    I think he's wanting to do a rear disk brake conversion on a Lincoln. Not sure what year etc. Hopefully he'll post the whole story here soon.
  2. No i want to do a rear drum to disc conversion on a 1990 LTD crown victoria LX, not a lincoln
  3. But i don't know any of the measurements and they don't offer a conversion kit for my car, checked summit and a bunch of other places. Some people say it has the same rear end of a mustang but what year? Or would i need to find a lincoln? I have no idea. My car has a 5.0 engine stock. I haven't modified anything in it. Everything I've replaced I've kept stock.
  4. Stop tagging me. I have no fuggin clue. Mark VIII is nothing like a Crown Vic. You prolly need a rear end from a newer Vic that already has all the hardware.
  5. Useless! :fuss:

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  10. Lol thanks i'm goin to go look at that thread now. I'll let you guys know if it's useless

  11. Clearly LaserSVT hates you guys. Cut it out e thugs.
  12. Niiice thank you for finding that for me Noobz347
  13. No worries... That second link looks like it contains a link to yet another thread, that has a step by step tutorial.
  14. Damn, guess I was helpfull. My bad.
  15. So i read everything, pretty helpful. Tried to register (and did) at but the problem is i can't post anything till my membership is "approved" whatever that means. In other words I am now a member but it won't let me log in. It's a shame since apparently almost everybody on there has already done the swap. Anyway i had a question about what i read... wouldn't i be able to just order the parts for the conversion as if i was getting them as replacement parts for a newer model car with existing rear discs and then just adapt everything onto mine? I know the E brake would need some customization, but other than that............ ???
  16. Yes... and often you can find threads that list the part numbers. That's what I did when I upgraded the front brake system on my truck.
  17. Ok. So i'd pretty much just need discs, calipers, pads, backing plates, E-brake line, what am i missing?