Engine Crown Vic Pi Swap Into 96 Gt Write Up??

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Beau Granbois, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. I've got a low mile 2001 Crown Vic engine and I just purchased a 96 Mustang GT with a blown head gasket. I know this has probably been beat to death on the forum but I was wondering if anyone had a write up on the swap? I've done a bunch of research on the swap but I can never find a complete write up on one. I have also searched it on the forum and found mostly stuff about doing the PI head and intake swap, not the Crown Vic PI to Mustang NPIswap. I know that you need to swap or replace certain parts and I think I've got about all that I need. I've started buying all the parts that I would need(mostly new gaskets). I just didnt want to get the engines pulled and get into the swap and find out that I need a few parts that I didnt know about. I'm in NE Montana and winters about to set in and I'd like to have it running before the snow flys. So thank in advance.
  2. Sorry I haven't seen this sooner. I swapped in a motor from an '01 Grand Marquis (same as a 'Vic) into my 98 GT. It's actually a fairly straight-forward swap that doesn't require any extra parts as long as you still have the Mustang motor.

    I'm doing this off memory, so if I think of something I forgot, I'll come back and add it later. You will need to swap:

    -The exhaust manifolds/EGR from your Mustang to the 'Vic motor
    -The entire intake assembly (lower/upper intake, TB, intake tube, etc.)
    -The oil pan/pickup tube from your Mustang
    -The motor mounts from your Mustang (probably worthwhile to get new ones, mine were TOAST at 120k miles)
    -The timing cover from your Mustang
    -The crankshaft pulley (examine the rubber damper part for any wear or dry-rot; if you're over 100k miles, I'd just buy a new one [~$50]) and all idlers
    -The flywheel or flexplate from the Mustang
    -The starter from the Mustang
    -Maybe the valve covers? (I honestly can't remember if this is necessary, but I swapped mine over)
    -All accessories (A/C, P/S pump, alternator, etc.)

    And I think that's about it. Of course, I'd be sure to replace the exhaust manifold gaskets, EGR gaskets, intake manifold gaskets, and timing cover gaskets.

    If you have any other questions, post up. I've personally done this in my granddad's shop without a lift, so I know a thing or two about it.