Cruise Control Interrupt Switch Manual Transmission

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  1. I have an 89 LX with the 5.0 and manual transmission. Since I purchased this car the cruise control has never worked. While looking under the dash I noticed the 2 wires coming from the interrupt switch by the gas pedal, but operated by the clutch pedal, is disconnected. My question is where is this supposed to connect? I cannot seem to find anything near it that it would connect to. Does anyone have a picture of this or a good diagram? I guess another question would be, if this is disconnected would that cause the cruise to not work altogether? Thanks in advance
  2. The matching connector is mounted behind the metal brace to the right of the gas pedal. It's a pain to get to and almost impossible to see. The switch opens when the clutch is depressed and turns off the speed control.
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  3. Thanks a bunch Saleen0679, I went and looked again and found it buried up behind the radio. It has a plastic push pin which looks like it'll attach to the brace you pointed out. I'm surprised with the difference in wires from one side to the other. Is this the right one, and if so would you happen to know where the other empty connecter that's with it goes? thanks again!

    cruise cntrl.jpg
  4. Had to double check some things. Couldn't remember the wire colors, but yours look right. The connectors are mounted next to each other on the brace. The other connector you show is not connected to anything on my car which is also a 5sp.
  5. Finally got the car in good enough shape to take it down the road and test it out and I could hardly believe it when the cruise worked. Thanks again for your help!