Cruisin Against Bruisin

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  1. Links worked great, Andy. The '67 looks fantastic - did you ever think you'd get it this far?

    And grandpa's truck is beautiful; he deserved that awards. Did the GT have the keys in the ignition? Since I see no burnout stripes behind the car, I'm guessing "NO!" Not so sure about the paint job on the 94 - 95 (one of those 2 years) Cobra; but the flames on the '51 Ford (Wait is that a Merc?) are most excellent.

    And, of course, a cheerful "Hi!" to Miss Heather! :D

    Oh yeah, and to the Dude that was wandering around in the blue shirt, as well. :p
  2. :nice:

    now bring that along next time you come up to see me damnit! :fuss:

    I'm really jelous of that paint....thats the one thing that really disapoints me about my the paint. :ban:

    alas....the fan issue is solved, but it won't get done untill this damn FSAE car gets wrapped up.

    any of you guys in the fontana CA area? I'll be out there the 15-18 at the speedway making fuel to noise conversions
  3. Thanks guys! Yeah I loved that red Ford, but that yellow merc was sexy. The next car I restore will probably be a 49-51 merc. Ive been obsessed with them for years. Drop a fuel injected 5.0 with a t-5 in it....... mmmmm cruise machine.

    No never thought the car would come this far, especially given the shape it was in when I bought it. No keys in the GT however, the guy that owns it doesn't live far from me, said to flag him down next time I see it out and we can take it for a ride.

    Send me some info on those efans if you dont mind, that 60 over 289 doesnt cool well at all in the 90+ temps we get down here.

  4. hahahah :rlaugh: starting to change your mind about cooling eh? vs making sure its "original looking" if i remember last time we talked? :rolleyes: :D

    I'll sling the info your way but I'd try and find a different radiator as i had to do some "modification" to the radiator core braket to get clearance between the fan and engine. they're out there though, I found a killer fan that would work well with any setup though
  5. Yeah...... I cant keep the dang thing cool! Oh well, any idiot can tell the engine isnt stock anyway, lol! ;)
  6. I'll just throw it up here cause this is some good information for ya'll to have anyway.

    this is the kit i originally got:

    Summit Racing SUM-CSUM3800 - Summit RacingĀ® Radiator Fan Shroud Combos - Overview -

    it comes with everything you'd need but the only downside is that I didn't have enough room in-between my radiator core mount and the water pump. I think the pomp on there (installed by the p-o) is aftermarket so i have no bearing on if anyone here would run into the same issue.

    What I needed to do was "modify" my core mount some by shaving the metal lip off on the inside, which gave me about another 1.25" or so as well as buying the fan I list below.

    my recomendation to avoid this however is:

    this radiator:
    AFCO Racing 80103N - AFCO Racing Universal Performance Line Radiators - Overview -
    is spec'd similarly to the one i have. it fits size wise for height and width. It also is capable of cooling a fairly hairy built SBC350 with nothing but the rad fan pretty quickly.

    this fan:
    Allstar Performance ALL30076 - Allstar Performance Curved Blade Electric Fans - Overview -
    is the one I ended up getting myself and is about another 1.5" thinner than the fan that came with the kit. its also got an extra 2" in dia and 300CFM on it.

    lastly, this shroud:
    Howe Racing 34304M - Howe Radiator Fan Shrouds - Overview -
    which was about the only one through summit that i could find that would match the radiator, I imagine if you called them up however they could give you the part# for the one in the kit and just order that one.

    now...again, I have NO clue if the thickness is enough to clear or not but it is less than the original kit. one thing i do know is that the kit setup has LOTS of cooling power to it.

    of course on pot of what i listed out you'd also need another relay and a thermristor to plug into your intake to tell it when to turn the fan on. Also by finding the poperly sized flexible hoses you can overcome the vert. flow to cross-flow transition without much hassle.

    It'll be another month yet before mine gets touched but I'll throw pics up in the tech section when i do.
  7. Imagonna give you one piece of advice. If you see some big black dude (named Nick) in a white '07 GT that looks like it was "oversteered" -rain was a factor, along with with some "very experienced" Nitto 5R's- into a wall at a turn at (Seca, Willow, I forget)..... whatever! If you see this guy, STAY OUT OF HIS WAY! He sometimes goes out slummin' at places like Fontana; after a long drive from Vallejo ("The Language School"; second home of the Army SPCOP's/PSYOP's guys). Again, if you see him, stay away. If you FUBAR his ride or his day, I guess you can mention me to save your neck.... but then I'm gonna 'owe him one', and your gonna 'owe ME one', and I give as much as I get.

    Just Sayin'

    @BDT: A sometime-around-'50 Merc would be a great second project for you. You are so far ahead of me.... still trying to find time for my '73 Merc!
    About the only place I keep up with you is in the hottie wife department.... But then again, we've been together longer than you and Heather have been crawling and/or walking on this earth. :rolleyes:
  8. This has got to be my new favorite quote EVER! :rlaugh::rlaugh::rlaugh:

    Us westerners know how to pick'um! :flag:

    BTW Looks like I am going to be heading back down to Phoenix area for a week again sometime in June or July....
  9. Thats so cool! I wish we had inside shows like that around here. Its so hot at the outdoor ones.