"Cruisin' in my 5.0" song

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  1. Holy ****...I thought it would suck, that song was AWESOME! LMAO

    Can I post this on other boards?
  2. Why not
    Its old scool music but hey its about 5.0 :flag:
  3. oh my god, I'm burning this song right now!
  4. The Best Song Ever!
  5. this has been the best song ive listened to in a while.......HILARIOUS!
  6. no bull****, i just burned that song, gonna drop the top and me and the wife are gonna go cruisin, cuz when we heard the song we just started dancin in livin room and laughed our asses off. good stuff
  7. ROFL! Great find Ernie!
  8. Badass!!!!!!
  9. Link is down...but is it "Power Supply - My 5.0"??
  10. link went down for me too.. .then back up in like 5 minutes. that's why i posted 'nm'
  11. i think it is power supply
  12. OMFG that song is pimp....burning it!
  13. man, SM0K, I love that butt in your avatar, I know we've been through this, but MAN I love that butt
  14. Its power supply "Rollin in my 5.0". Ive had this cd for over 10 years now :p

  15. lol cot damnit everytime i post the attention is on my avatar. what if i said something important no one would even notice....but it is a nice ass though. :nice: :flag:
  16. :rlaugh: LMAO that song is corny as hell, but I LOVE IT!!
  17. You know it's old skool when he raps about smoking ZR-1's. He mentions 18lbs of boost I guess it's not too out there to be possible :D