1. Who's cruise control works? I'm a 50% shooter on that one. The '95 works and the '90 does not.
  2. My 86 doesn't but my truck does:rolleyes:
  3. Mine works. Had to do a couple of custom brackets under the dash to make the vacuum cut out switch work with the manual brakes.

  4. mine does but Im oem... I busted out laughing at your progress thread, been there for 25 years now with "my build", LOL
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  5. mine dont on my 89 but my trucks does work
  6. Ha thanks. Yep I feel ya man
  7. mine did until the ecu swap
  8. I'd like to get the cruise working on the 90. But dunno where to start. Vacuum? All is stock
  9. Mine does, barely. After I hit accelerate one time it will increase speed by nearly 5 mph.
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  10. Mine works fine. Also all OEM.
  11. The one on my '92 works, and seems to work well. It went through many tests from Co. Springs to ATL right after I bought the car and most recently from ATL to So. Cali. There sure are some stretches out west here that I set it and it stayed for what seemed like hours!
  12. Mine works fine. OEM.
  13. Mine works.
  14. Mine doesn't. Or do I just not know how to use it? Well the ac doesn't work, vent air doesn't work, heater core bypassed, so I'm assuming it doesn't lol.
  15. 89 GT, and yep mine works
  16. Wonder if the cruise and smog issues connect somehow? no clue but wonder where the overlaps are, vacuum, throttle, something gunked up?
  17. Man.. Gettin too deep
  18. Mine works, all smog bypassed and no vacuum leaks anywhere!!!
  19. Well... Mine used to work.. :confused: Was out and about today, but when I tried to cruise I got nothing...

    This isn't anything particular crucial in my book, but when chugging on the highway I find that cruise control is a good way for me to avoid johnny lawman.. And since everything else on the car still works, I kinda tend to feel like once I let one of these things go unfixed, it's going to signal the beginning of the end, and I'll let more stuff slide after that.. So I don't want that to happen!

    This was working not long ago, and I don't see how it would be related to my recent little fender bender last week? Don't know much about the cruise control but hopefully I can find some trouble shooting details on the interweb.. So it looks like I've now got a project this weekend.
  20. My 91 and my 88 both worked. 01 did and the 98 doesn't have a chance :)