1. Mine works good. It took a little getting used to. I have to set it about 5 mph less than I actually want to go. I write it off to the fact that if I leave it up to her, she wants to go fast
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  2. Funny, mine does nearly the same thing.

    Tap it once and it actually drops a couple of MPH before recovering....usually about 2mph slower than it was previous.

    If I want to increase the speed, I actually have to hold my finger on the button and let off a couple of MPH past my desired setting....then it drops those same 2mph and holds.

    Wasn't sure if it was an issue with vacuum, or I'm just not remembering how crappy a 25-year-old cruise control set up can be?
  3. I sold the car w the cruise problem. The 95 stil works thank goodness
  4. My pick up has great cruise control... the mustang not so much...
  5. Who needs cc @150+mph:rolleyes:
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  6. In a Fox Mustang, i'd be less worried about cruise control at 150mph and more worried about steering control.
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  7. Woohoo.. I'm back and cruisin' again :nice:

    I really hate electrical problems, and this one was particularly annoying since it was actually two things that went wrong at the same time. Turned out to be fairly easy stuff to fix, but it took a while to track down the cause(s).

    In the event that this is of any help to the next guy who has a problem, between some helpful past postings on here from @jrichker (just use search for horn and fuse) and the following site:


    I was able to track down the problem.

    It was just a blown fuse that stopped the cruise from working, but unfortunately just replacing the fuse didn't work since every time I put in a new fuse it would just blow immediately. Turned out that one of my horns has a short in it and ALSO I have some shorting going on in my power window switch when it's on the passenger door mode. Disconnecting the bad horn (now I just have a wimpy horn since only the one good one is connected), and having the PW switch over on connecting to the driver door seems to have solved the problem. I'll prolly take a trip to a junk yard and find replacements sometime soon.
  8. Mine did until i put the wheel in . it was worth it. one day ill hide the buttons in my ash tray door as that was always my plan.

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  9. What is this cruise control you speak of?
  10. My cruise control stopped working when i broke the clock spring in the steering wheel. I broke it years ago when I was replacing the steering rack.
  11. Just fixed mine, the loose change in the cigarette lighter plugin kept blowing the fuse.
  12. My '88 actually does NOT have cruise control. It's the only option it doesn't have which is funny because it's AOD, sunroof and even had the dealer-installed block heater put in. But no cruise.

    So it's the one system on a Fox Mustang I have ZERO clue about.

    Since my '88 was my first car that i drove for a while..i never used cruise control. So to this day, in my newer DD's, i still don't use it.
  13. When i cleaned the tube and throttle spring under the throttle body, my cruise button worked more fluidly without changing speads or applied pedal pressure or dropping speeds.
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  14. Cruise control, what's cruise control? LOL

    93 Cobras don't have CC
  15. Yeah, but they did a lot on that car that didn't make sense. lol
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  16. What he said