Csrp Power Disc Brake Conversion Brakes Not Working Properly


New Member
Jan 8, 2016
Hi everybody!

I just finished installing the CSRP Disc Brake Manual Transmission Power Conversion, and tested it last night. Unfortunately, they didnt stop as well as i would have liked. The pedal has a good firm feel when the engine is off, however when on, i can depress the pedal with almost no effort, feeling no pressure pushing back at me. Also, the pedal only travels about 2.5 inches and stops immediately. This is what i dont understand. When i was bleeding the brakes, the pedal would stop at halfway (2.5 inches travel) then it goes all the way to the floor when the bleeder was opened. Im not sure why it does this. The master cylinder was bled twice on the bench then the whole car was bled twice as well (farthest brake to closest to the master cylinder. Any input on my situation would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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