Csrp Vs Ssbc Vs Willwood Brakes - 66 Mustang

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  1. Hello everyone. I have been looking at all the threads about breaks but cant find any threads that discusses brands of disc brakes. I was wondering what the differences were since SSBC and Willwood are almost double the price than a full kit from CSRP. anyone have any experience or thoughts? Wanting to do my upgrade this month. Thank you
  2. I have no experiance with CSRP but I have with SSBC and Wilwood.
    In my opinion Wilwood makes some of the best braking components, period. They function as well as the look and have never disappointed me except when it comes to the cost. They seems to be top of the game in quality, performance and cost.
    SSBC also makes a very solid product. We used their brakes on a 66' coupe that we built about 3 years ago. They fit great, looked good and worked perfectly. I personally like the styling ques of the Wilwood parts better but they both function equally as well as far as I'm concerned.

    You may also want to look at Master Power brakes, I've used them on several street rod projects as well with great results.

    I've been perusing the CSRP website and it looks like they offer a very complete kit but all of the options on the website get a little confusing for me. It may be worth a call over to them to see exactly what they would spec out for your car. I would also be sure to ask if the are using 100% new parts or rebuilt parts. I've seen several brake kits that use newer style mustang calipers and they typically use rebuilt calipers to keep the cost down vs new calipers.
  3. Stang at Work.JPG Stang Daytona Wheel Photo.JPG I have installed Wilwood Brakes on All four-corners..... and I like their performance.
  4. @84Ttop Thank you very much for the input, that was very informational. I contacted CSRP and the guy told me everything is new. Wilwood looks great but it is pretty pricey especially considering their kit does not have a dual master cylinder now a power booster. @Alohastang I actually have a 66 coupe the exact same color. Looking great. photo.JPG
  5. I went with Wilwood on my 69 ,simple to install . The car is not finished so i haven't driven it yet , we put the same kit on a buddies 66 and he loves them. Went with a manual master cylinder because of the large cam and he says they stop great . We did all four wheels on the 66 and that is what i
    am planning on the 69.