'Cuda concept

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  1. I doubt it will happen also. That said, aftermarket will probably make similar parts available. Here's a version that Doug "Burningman" Schramm created that is being built by a company, and he's planning on building one for himself, too.
  2. That is interesting.

    I'm guessing the retro "musclecars" might have reached their saturation limit. Esp with gas getting so expensive.

    I kind of have a feeling that the Challenger and Camaro will both be limited run productions (maybe 3 or 4 years... like the GTO was recently). Especially given their high price tags.

    But Mustang I think will continue to go on... since they are very affordable.
  3. Not to mention the fact that Chevy is going to be pricing the Camaro similarly to the Challenger. They always try to compare their horsepower and features to the GT, but price it like the GT500.

    I honestly don't think the gas crunch will do much for the Mustang, besides giving us an optional turbo or twin turbo V6. The V8 is here to stay. And you're right. The pony car winner will again be the Mustang. Just judging by the information that's already known, the pony car battle is already won. Pony cars are supposed to be affordable by the blue collared worker. $38K+ is not affordable by the blue collared worker.
  4. You are right on point.
  5. They need to put out some more muscle cars. so a cuda would be nice, I am bout sick of all the pimp chargers and 300's out there. chevy would make a killing with a v6 camaro IMO. :)
  6. Heck, yes! Chevy would instantly become a major player if they offered a V6 Camaro that was affordable.

    Instead, they will go the GTO-Challenger-Thunderbird route and set up a short term run for a bunch of rich yuppies to throw money at them for a while and then get out of the game.

    When you compare that to the intent of Chev-Ford-Dodge back in the 60s, it's blasphemous. Back then, the Mustangs, Camaros and Challengers (not to mention other muscle) were priced for regular working Americans. They were affordable and they were not economic status items.

    Now, Dodge and Chevy are taking the high road and literally cashing in on the musclecar trend of the moment. Their vision is very short-term capital gain, while Ford has (and has always had) longevity in mind with the Mustang.

    It won't happen... but I really wish the Camaro and Challenger were massive failures so Chevy and Dodge would have to pay for making such stupid decisions.
  7. did you guys hear that the camaro is getting a turbo 4 cylinder and a V6???

    wtf is chevy thinking??
  8. I have a V8 Mustang and love it. But it is the 6 cylinder that has kept the car alive. Remember that the next time you want to knock someone who has one.
  9. That 'cuda looks awesome, I must say I'm not all that thrilled with the initial pics of the camaro.(camaro5.com) The lines seem muted and the proportions look off. At this point I'd say I'll be keeping the c6. This should get interesting in the next year, hope ford knows what they are doing with the mustang re-body....
  10. Couldn't have said it better myself.
  11. If that is true, they are thinking smart.
  12. Truer words have never been spoken.

    The GT owes its continuing life to the V6. Otherwise, the pony would have been dead long ago.

  13. It's probably the Solstice/Sky turbo motor...which makes 260hp(?) right now? Tweak that a bit and you're at 300....which is what we have now (stock).

    Might not rumble like a muscle car should, but it might move out pretty quick, and sip gas along the way.
  14. When the car is in excess of 4000lbs, 300HP isn't going to do much. Look at the Magnum/Charger R/T. They have more HP than that and they're still slugs compared to the S197. 300HP and 4000lbs is not going to go very fast.
  15. Weight really is the killer these days, imagine a rs camaro, turbo 4cyl, stripped down to 3300lbs. at 300hp, it would perform very well. How much does that little ecotech 4 weigh? Personally I'm looking foreward to a ss427 to fight with the KR.
  16. There are supposed to be multiple trim levels for the Camaro. Starting with the base v-6 and rumor is two or even three different v-8's The v-6 is supposed to be around $20k and a base model v-8 around $25k with the top of the line car arond $40k+. They are acctually trying to mimic for as far as trim levels and pricing.
  17. According to Bob Lutz, they are "above the Mustang" and are not going to try to compete in price, citing a better interior and suspension.

  18. Yes I concur with DarkFire...

    Chevrolet and Chrysler have each in the past expressed frustration with trying to get the cost of producing their respective vehicles down to the Mustang's level. Therefore, they will both overprice.

    Dodge has already done this by charging way too much for the Challenger, which will be a short-run vehicle. They are going to try and scoop up a lot of money in a short period of time... rather than investing in a long-term strategy like Ford has.

    Chevrolet will go Dodge's route A) because there is already so much buzz surrounding the Camaro that they figure people will pay thru the nose to get one and B) because the geniuses at GM cannot figure out how to make an acceptable profit on a $21,000 car.

    Therefore, I think the Camaro will also be short-run. Probably 3 or 4 years and Chev will dump it again and count their cash.