1. I like road trips and I like to take my significant other with me. She really likes sweet tea from McDonalds in the styrofoam cups with ice. She complains that when in the Mustang she cant get it since there's no cup holder.

    I'm working on an idea but I was wondering if any of you have suggestions. Are there any cup holders that work well in our cars without requiring hacking or modifications?
  2. Hmmm. I wonder if the sweet tea cup will fit in there.

    I would need to rig something to run my cig lighter accessories since the product looks like it would block the factory outlet. I need that for GPS and radar detector.
  3. There was a thread on here a few weeks ago, I posted a link to an old thread where the guy took out the ashtray and put in some cupholders from another car and used fiberglass to smooth it in, looked great. Ill dig around and see if I can find it.
  4. You probably remember seeing my console in the past.
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  5. That's nice. Care to spill the beans on it?
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  6. I cant remember but I think I did a step by step build of it here a few years back, but basically I grabbed a busted up console from a JY and then fit it into the Fox Console and used Fiberglass to secure it. I used a very tiny amount of body filler and spot putty to fill a few pinholes, the Handbrake is out of a 98 Cobra, the Leather Boot is from Redline, and I moved the lighter back to be a 12V power source.
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  7. The Plug-and-Chug are OK but they are very shallow and it does block the 12V. You can fit like a 12-oz soda can in there.
  8. You guys drink and drive?
  9. Doing donuts misplaces everything in my ride... hate to see how much damage a sweet tea from Mcdonalds does to my interior!
  10. Funny I never really noticed the lack of cup holders. Now it has become a problem
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  11. I still say that you should start making these, cash or silver/gold as payment only
  12. I give goat.
  13. i always grab a towel and place it where the seat belts clip in, kinda form it around and use the console and seat as the walls, works on both sides quite nicely.
  14. I used to wedge my drink between the handbrake and passenger seat but got tired of that so I fabbed up the console.
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  15. I'll just have the wife hold my drink the entire trip. Problem solved.
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  16. Well, I usually lean towards screw cap drinks when I'm in the coupe, which means the ebrake cup holder works just fine. Otherwise one of the basic cheapo window cup holders usually does the job as long as you don't romp the gas too hard. Then I just toss them in the glove box or back floorboard when I'm not using them.

  17. Always just wedge mine between the hand brake and the passenger seat. Big cup, small cup....no problem. I just adjust the side bolstering on my passenger seat to accommodate the different size cups. :D
  18. its annoying...