1. This idea Kinda reminds me of my favorite show: DUCK DYNASTY! Who needs a city slicker cup holder, when you got legs that can squeeze.....

    Tell the above to your girl the next time she won't get in the car with her tea.... BTW, LMK her respose:runaway:
  2. ^^^^but make sure you tell her, ...better than holding it :D
  3. I did this until my windows got tinted, worked well. Now, depending on cup size I either put drinks between e-brake and pass seat, or larger cups go between seat and door, like toward the back of the seat base where the lever is to adjust the seat back. That spot on either side is pretty stable and I run 400 - 600 mile trips with drinks there.

  4. Yes, you did do a very well detailed step-by-step on this. I was going to do the same thing but never got around to it. Maybe I'll do it when I put the double-DIN DVD player in over the winter. :D
  5. If you're worried about scratching your tint, just put some electrical tape around the part that hooks over the door :nice:
  6. when in doubt, just use a bottle and sit it near the seat belt clips, cash money:nice:
  7. Like they said...I just usually use the E-Brake as a cup holder. A 44 ounce seems to fit there just so nice.