Exhaust Curious About What This Type Of Exhaust System Would Sound Like

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  1. I'm only asking this question mainly because I would like opinions,good or bad.If I were to install something like this,it would be on a 91 LX with a 331 stroker.Lets say you remove everything exhaust related beginning with the hpipe.Come off of both shorty headers with the beginning section of a hpipe and then merge both pipes into a single 3" pipe,run that into a Flowmaster muffler with a single inlet/dual outlet configuration,then go back into two
    2 1/2"-3" tailpipes from there back.OR come off of the muffler with the same 3" single pipe(instead of going into dual tailpipes after the muffler)So there would only be a single 3" pipe running from the headers all the way back and over the rearend,then split into dual pipes from behind the rearend then a couple foot of dual tailpipes.I'm mainly curious as to what this type of system would sound like compared to running a typical hpipe or xpipe with catback from there back.Do you think it would sound good/bad/typical and do you think it would help or hurt performance??I'm not exactly planning on doin this,but wouldn't mind hearing your thoughts on the subject.Thanks for any replies
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  2. That's how trucks and f- bodies do it. Turbo cars as well. What you are referring to is a y pipe and is common on cars that don't have room under the body for a true dual set up like we have. Imho stick with the dual set up.
  3. So you're pretty much saying that installing something like this will sound identical to a F150 ?
  4. What you want is ideal for a turbo car. On an NA car, stick with the way it was set up from the factory
  5. So its good for a single turbo kit but what about a twin turbo?I would imagine a dual exhaust(like oem)setup is used on twin turbo cars