"Curious Newbie Goes to the Track" by Texas04silverGT

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  1. Yeah, im sure Red River Raceway isnt a premier track. I didnt really expect it to be givin its location(between Hosston and Gilliam, LA....two VERY small towns). I dont suppose I noticed the dip....I was probably concentrating too much on keeping it straight and off the wall to notice. I would LOVE to race at a really nice track, but driving 7 hours to make a few runs just isnt real practical for me. Though I love roadtrips. Like I said, I will be in San Ant in May, but we'll be in our tank of an SUV.

    I think the 4.10's do help, but each gear doesnt last long;) I was taking almost everyone off the line that wasnt on slicks or drag radials.

    edit: Is Little River the same as Red River Raceway? I think RRR has only been around since 98.
  2. dont worry you will get better....I still need a lot of practice at my track but jsut remember to have fun:nice:
  3. :scratch: Hmm Derek I dont think hes talking about "temple academy drag way" AKA "Little river" . :shrug: . His track is like in the hurricane state...or very close...but it doesnt sound like its the best track.

    Tex, I suggest you go to Houston race way park and run there....AWSOME track. Ill be there for Fun Ford Weekend on April 28 and 29 (this month)...hope to see you there.

    And PM me about the N/A club and ill go ahead and set you up :nice:
  4. Yeah, this track is about 15 miles outside of Shreveport, Louisiana. Its not great, but its not bad. My only complaint really is the water-boxes.....

    Not sure if i can make it to that race....we'll see.....
  5. ah, ok, red river is different than little river. good thing, b/c you havent seen a bad track til youve been to Temple academy. btw Cody, we should organize a stang cruise somtime. that would be off the chain. maybe meet up in austin and cruis the hill country down to SA. what do ya think man? some saturday in may before i gets too hot? b y then hopefully i'll have some new rubber for the twisties :D :nice:
  6. Texas04silverGT: I'm now in Knoxville, TN. as of the first of the year, but i grew up in Texarkana, TX. I miss TX just not the buttholes I left there.. haha. I plan on making some trips back there this summer. Maybe we can meet up for a test and tune night or something.

    BTW isn't Red River a NHRA track? You'd think they would try to improve small stuff like that.
  7. T-town isnt too bad. I grew up in Atlanta/Queen City area about 15-20 miles away. I moved off for a while(Navy), and now I live just north of QC about 15 min away from Texarkana....T-town is getting BIG(for this area)!

    We should definately try to meet up. Just let me know when you might come down! Im off every other weekend. Every friday night is Test n Tune @ RRR. Sat and sometimes Sun are like "special event" days like bracket racing, jr dragsters, and what not. They have a calender on their website: www.redriverraceway.net

    They are an NHRA track. And they hold NHRA sanctioned events. The track, as far as my inexperience can tell, is a fine track.......i just dont like the water box situation. It wouldnt be that bad if they just sprayed down the outer-half of the trench and left enough room to get by on the inside......Its still a blast, I dont care!:nice:
  8. Don't feel bad about your times. I was a track virgin until last weekend & turned it a 14.194 @ 97.78 for my best time. Couldn't hook up in 1st or 2nd at all! It's really addicting & I plan on heading out to the track whenever I have the chance.
  9. Thanks dustang, I dont guess I feel bad, but know I could have done better. Ill be going back.....and buying mods.....and going back.....and.........my wife is going to leave me:D

  10. Great idea! But you lead, I would have no idea where im going lol. Ill be sure to set my shocks on full stiff (#5) :D. Only problem is I work 12 hours on saturday :(. Maybe we can do it later this year...because man its already hot lol. And that would give time to get it togethor....what about AAS? Arent they doing a cruize soon from Austin to the park in bastrop and then on to like the park 10 miles further down 71? Im also thinking of doing a central US meet for all the N.A club members next year...go to a nice track and have a bar BQ...make a day out of it :D.