Current Before And After Pics Of My Project :)

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  1. So the car is my 95 GT I just bought with 185k on the clock. It was in pretty bad shape appearance wise and had a couple small mechanical issues. I will eventually make a thread of all I have done even tho it is nothing special really. Anyway, I still need to do interior pictures and stuff but this is just a teaser. Hopefully I took pics of the interior with everything painted red from the PO befor eI replaced with all black original style parts. I have done lots of odd and ends like installing new oem mach 460 speakers to replace blown ones and an explorer intake to replace the cracked one and lots of other small things. The car will be a DD for the next coupel years most likely. Then maybe a all new motor build and new tranny! When I got her the clear coat was litterally blowing off in the wind and the car looked pink. I am still not a huge fan of the 10th anniv cobra wheel but they are growing on me. I'll have to post night time pics of my HIDs too. Look awesome. all these were taken with Iphone 4 and a Galaxy s3. I will have lots of before and after pics from my Nikon SLR before too long :) Not too bad for a 2k dollar car with some work.


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  2. looks tons better. good job!
  3. Thanks buddy. I think I am just glad to have saved her so to speak. Previous owner left her sitting only putting on like 50 miles in three years.
  4. Very nice!
    My car needs paint so bad and is only getting worse in the AZ sun.
  5. Thanks! Yeah the New Mexico sun did this one in!
  6. I promise I'm not gonna say anything about the 96-98 tails.:nono:
  7. LOL I knew that was coming. The body shop painted the bezels on my horizontals but the plastic lens is in such bad shape it's going to be a lot of work to restore them. I may give it a shot and see how they look. I don't think the smoked 96-98 tails look too shabby :)
  8. The only reason I'd go to the 96-98 lights is to get sequential turn signals. Which I don't have the nerve to do :p
    They look better than new edge lights, anyway.
  9. Hey, I resent that!
  10. If it makes you feel better, sometimes I want a new edge because of fuel economy, and for some reason people love the body style (except me, well it's not my favorite). Course, It'd feel weird having a 4.6 instead of a 5.0.
  11. Yup, and that's why I solved that little issue myself.. Now I can enjoy my 5.0 AND enjoy the lines of a new edge at the same time!
  12. I saw in your signature:p but there goes that fuel economy I was talking about! The solution, is a s197 5.0 for me. But that's a dream, and I only like the 05' to 09 styles (which doesn't have a 5.0 I believe) and the 13' style which is too expensive.
  13. nice job now find a nice set of 94-95 tails and you will be set
  14. :word: 94-95 tail lights NOW!
  15. sheesh guys lol. I spent a couple hours on the horizontal tails this weekend and they loko brand enw so I put them back on the car :) Hopefully I can do a photo shoot soon!
  16. Ugh still having a hard time adjusting to the horizontals. Maybe once the bottom of the bumper is black again instead of red. Don't know what my issues are with them!
  17. It is a personal prefrence, you will need the bumper on to get the whole feel for them.

    The 96-98 tails make the car look more modern, but I like the horizontals to show love for the old pushrod 5.0
  18. Too bad horizontals aren't available for new edge cars! (even though in reality horizontals do NOTHING to commemorate or pay homage to the original Mustang)
  19. That's the truth. But Horizontals hold the similarity by having three light bars, so they still pay homage, just in a less obvious way. I think ford did an excellent job with the 96-98 lights. The new edges bug the crap out of me (again no offense!).
  20. I hated the horizontal tails when I first bought my '95, but they grew on me, and it felt wrong swapping them out. The '94-95 cars are getting fewer and far between, so its cool to see them with those original tails.

    P.S. I had those same wheels on my '95, and personally love them.