Current Before And After Pics Of My Project :)

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  1. Looks great man. As far as the sequential taillights go. I had a fb friend selling the splice in kit that AM sells for $100 for $20. I jumped on that deal. It's actually pretty easy to install. Just make sure the second splice goes to the right bulb. I did mine backward so they flashed from the outside in lol. I had to take all the bulbs out and put them back in so it flashed the right way.
  2. 20121030_130109.jpg Well the 96-98 lights are back in right now. I keep going back and forth! Cgosms_2012-11-0512-12-52.jpg

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  3. The 94-95 tails certainly fit better.
  4. They look better too.

    Horizontals make it look low, lean and mean.
    The 96-98 tails make it look "chubby"