35th Anniv Current Mileage January 2007?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by VOORHEES, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. Just to keep the forum current, I thought maybe everyone could post their "Limited's" current mileage.

    Of course I'll start....

    As of January 10th 2007 - 64,500 miles.

  2. Just hit 80,000 after the new year, damn its starting to get high.......... At least it still looks new!
  3. I just hit 69,500 cringe...cringe for some reason that 70,000 mile marker just does not sit with me well:shrug: oh well its not like i can stop driving her.
  4. January 12, 115k, still Mint in and out, runs like brand new. I expect 200k easy.
  5. Wow! I'll have to pull the cover off mine when I get home (I haven't had it out since late October) but I think it has about 29K.:shrug:

    Everyone knows how rainy Seattle is . . . . November/December were the rainiest on record . . . .

  6. I officially hate you now!!:D Just kiddin'...only wished mine had 29,000!
  7. Just checked . . . actually 30,561!

    Jason, I was "Topless in Seattle" on www.mustang35th.com. I bought my car thru a classified on the site and then flew down to Dallas and drove it home to Seattle on Labor Day weekend 2003. The car had about 22,000 miles on it when I bought it and I put 2,400 miles on it in 3 days driving it home. In the last 3 plus years I've never put more than 2,000 per year on it.

    Since I got it home, I've never driven it in the rain, so that kinda limits the number of days that I drive it here in Seattle . . . .

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  8. Wow, man...I drive my car in rain, snow, mud, you name it, lol. However, I go directly to the car wash, spray the whole car down really good, especially underneath. Plus I coat everything and keep the car protected from underneath, and always keep a good thick layer of wax on it, so that the rain and snow don't hurt it.

    No doubt, if I didn't do this, I wouldn't drive it in bad weather, because I want it to remain mint.

    It must be nice to have such low mileage, man, I can't imagine. Although, if you take care of the cars, they last forever. The only thing that has broken on mine is the IAC, when I bought it it was entirely stock, even the hoses and belt. But I replace that stuff every 3 years on my vehicles, and replaced it when I bought it, well, I replaced all of that, and flushed everything, all new fluids, filters, etc etc.

    The track I go to doesn't give an ET, but it has a tree, and gives trap speed. It's our local airport, I fly there also. East Stroudsburg, PA. I hit between 102 and 106 every time I go out. The previous owner says he used to run 92-95mph, although he only ever raced it at one track, and only a few times.

    Considering my speeds, and my modds, what is a likely ET, if the car is driven perfectly? Also, I've always thought it was a little high, but, I beat a number of stock mustangs, a good race I usually win by about 3 to 5 car lenths....So I think it's actually accurate. That being, a good race for me and my opponent, with my opponent being a stock PI 4.6.
  9. I have a '99 EB Explorer with AWD with 90K miles on it for the rain, snow, mud, you name it . . .

    And my wife drives a '98 Windstar . . . . Fords forever! :flag:

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  10. just uncovered her to check mileage................:D GOD I can't wait for SPRING!!!
    as of 1-14-07 47,698 :nice:
  11. I'm in Canada so mine reads in kilometers. I'm at 47,000kms which equals 29,204 miles.
  12. mine as of 01/24/07 is 42,178
  13. i will have to double check when i get home, but should be around 33-34k
  14. 94,000 looks and runs like new. The only wear I see is the top of the car the paint looks like it's thinning but it still shines like a mofo!
  15. January Mileage 47,000

    Hello All!:)

    I am new here with regard to posting.

    I just pulled my 35th Anniversary Edition GT Convertible out of the garage to sunbathe. I swear she's smiling..... with 47,000 on her!

    I am having to consider selling :bang: due to financial difficulties. However, as we all know, most potential buyers (and dealers, for sure) do not quite "get" or respect the whole 35th Anniversary concept. This is NOT just a '99 stang! :bang:

    Happy New year to all!

  16. Too bad you may have to sell her. Not sure what I'd due if financial issues caused me to contemplate selling mine. I'd probably try selling the DD first.

    Good luck!
  17. 91k... :(

    Bought in Nov 2002 with 36k on it.
  18. Ok Jason, you're catching up with me! 72,250 Don't drive mine much anymore since I bought the truck. I've driven it less than 100 miles since August 06!

  19. Gary!

    Good to see you posting. Nah, I have probably put about 200 since last September, since I got my DD Ranger back on the street. How is the 69 project coming?
    BTW, I am taking mine in to the body shop monday, for those small issues I had. Front bumper cover replacement(finally, no screw holes) and the slight scratches(bumper rash-rear) I got from that accident last August.

    Since 35th.coms demise, faithful "Limited" owners have been congregating here. I know I've given about 15-20 owners(bought new and used) their "number".