35th Anniv Current Mileage January 2007?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by VOORHEES, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. just got my 35th anniversary limited. white/black top. voorhees gave me my production number and its #1519. and being white its 1 of 515 made. i didn't relize how rare these car's were untile i got one. the car a traded for this limited was a 91 coupe show car. it was an even trade and well worth it. i will try to post some pics this weekend.
  2. Jason,

    Tell me how to do it and I'll post a few of the 69 here on the board for all to see. I'm a computer dummy when it comes to that stuff.
  3. here is a pic of my 99 anniversary she has 110,000 on it butt i just got it and i wont drive it much so it will even out some. getting her cleaned up before the show season this spring. 1-99.jpg
  4. My 35th currently has a little more than 44k on it. :)

  5. Just use the attach function(paper clip icon) once you go to reply on a thread. Same page as the "smilies"
  6. Mine hit the 100k mark this past Friday. Im contemplating selling her for an 05 some time this summer, but we'll see. I just got her paid off about 2 months ago, and its nice not having a car payment each month. We'll see. Mines dirty and my idle hangs, so its kind of pissing me off lately, but once I get her fixed, she'll be fun once again. :D
  7. 100,000 is just getting broken in from what I hear about the 4.6. While I'll agree the newest body is tempting, I am willing to wait. Maybe the next Generation will be even more killer.
    A good wash and wax will change your mind.
  8. just under 95k, i blew the trans apart in december so itll be sitting until late marcg/early april.
  9. :D I washed her yesterday, she looks great again. Still sounds terrible since the muffler is coming apart on my Mac catback. Time for a new one. :drool:
  10. im at 64,200 as of februaru 18
  11. Ok wow, I guess for my first post i will go here, My 99 LE has 6,721!! I Really dont drive it much i guess, well not as much as you guys:SNSign:
  12. Wow, have any picture of her?
  13. sure do, but there not great there was 6 inches of snow on the ground, so i took a few in the garage, its in storage at my bros house.




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  14. VERY nice, WAY low miles. Thats awesome.

    Go drive her :D
  15. i will some this year after the snow is gone
  16. Looks like a Mach 1 in the next stall. :drool:
  17. yup a 2004 40th mach 1 with about 4,000 miles on it
  18. Very nice, looks brand new!
  19. Okay Jason, here you go. Got the 347 stroker in last weekend. The trac lock is on the way as well as 3.25 gears. I just got the seat frames sandblasted and painted so I will get the seat covered and start the interior in a couple of weeks. Lower dash in in as well as 90% of the wiring. I've always liked the look of Cragar S/S mags on a 69 and that is what I've bought for wheels. TTYS.


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  20. Wow! the engine bay looks very nice! I can't wait to see her finished.