35th Anniv Current Mileage January 2007?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by VOORHEES, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. I have about 92350 kms (or 57352 miles)
    Hopefully gonna keep it low!
  2. Just cracked 125k on mine and still running strong. It's my daily driver here in Seattle and I'm averaging 21MPG :)
  3. Wow! Forum activity!!

    06/29/10 update.

    approx. 70,100 only 700 miles since November 2009. I had to let the wife drive it a couple of days while I used her van....she didn't want to drive the beater Ranger. Oh well, whats a guy to do?


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  5. 122,000, man I wish I didn't have to use her as a daily.

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  7. I just turned 100,000kms. Equals approx 62,000 miles.
  8. waxed mine today, 7,300 miles

  9. you suck....I kid!!:D
  10. I'm going to detail mine this weekend. 3,100 miles

  11. yay!! i was not gonna post my milage because i was ashamed of my 145,800 :( but i'm not alone!!

    still going strong though :D

  12. Man i remember when i bought mine 9 years ago with 39K on it. I just rolled 103K last month. I gotta start driving my terminator more and lay off this.
  13. Got a pic of it turning over to 100,000kms??

    @dfesta : you gotta drive that thing more man! IMO why bother having a car you don't drive? sure it'll keep the re-sale value, but will you be able to look back a long time from now (if you were to have sold it) and say "yea I had a lot of fun with that car, driving it out on my drive way, washing it, waxing it, and driving it back into the garage"
    just my opinion.
  14. You don't alway have to drive it to enjoy your car

    You don't alway have to drive it to enjoy your car. I alway hear people say that you have to drive your car to enjoy it, or you might as well sell it. Some of us have less time to do this, but still love our cars. My 1999 mustang now 7,500miles, and my 1995 corvette now 14,000 miles are not worth much more than a high mile car when it comes to resale, but are still worth a lot to me. I took a trip out of town with the Mustang this weekend, and brought home a first in it class trophy, the low miles had to have help.
  15. Just rolled into 123k... only 27k more to go and I'll drop a 4v in. :D
  16. its a beautiful car! I get some greif for not driving mine and it has just a tick over 70,000. I did not always have a DD.

    Do you still have your original wheels? I'm sure you do.
  17. now at 47,823. 652 miles since november
  18. My original wheels look like new and tire only have 6,800 miles on them.
  19. Parked mine in the garage the other night with Exactly 124000 miles.
  20. Just buffed out my new acquisition with 60,125 miles on her