35th Anniv Current Mileage January 2007?

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  1. Saturday I went to the Michiana Mustangs 27th annual Mustang and Ford show. My white 35th took 1st place beating out 10 other Mustangs 1994-2009 (Including 4,000 mile Shelby 500) It was a judged using MCA sheet. I am glad someone appreciates our cars.

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  2. Gald to hear thet are strting to get some real appreciation. Your's is so rare anyways.
  3. Just picked up a red vert LE. 31k on it.
  4. Sounds great, post up some pics!!

  5. Looks like mine will get a break for the winter, just picked up an 88 4 cyl notch for $200, runs like a champ but looks like hell. Just need to revive the suspension and throw some snows on and my LE will get to hibernate for the next 4 months. That should help make up for driving around for a couple months with new gears and not getting it tuned. :rolleyes:
  6. #3854 just turned 20k miles. Still has original tires and the original Motorcraft battery! Who makes these batteries for Motorcraft? They are awesome.
  7. 153k

    Now has a on3performance 70mm kit. Makes 414/475 on the stock bottom end.:D
  8. No kidding! I just installed a new battery last month to replace the original. Ten Canadian winters and 60,000 miles and it was still starting. Had it tested and it was down to half it's cranking amps so I didn't trust it for another winter. Put in a new Motorcraft Max, of course! :nice:

  9. Mine still cranks like the day it was new so I'm going to keep on using the original battery til it gives! If the replacement batteries are anything like the originals, i'm sold on them.
  10. #1500 has 75k, only 2k this year due to time spent on the hog... she's headed off to storage tomorrow.

    I'm already ready for spring
  11. #36 has 60,325 miles on it now.... I purchased it back in Aug of '10 with 59,960 on it
    Plan on doing some more miles next season! :flag:

    Also picked up the correct boot for her....got it for FREE!!!


  12. OK 5-19-11 Update!

    Just under 71,500

    So, 1400 miles in the last year (approx.)

  13. 34,500 As of today.

  14. 137,845 for me. Just replaced what was thought to be the original battery and it has been recommended that I do the shocks too. Waiting on that because I want to lower it at the same time :)
  15. 79,500 on mine #354. I love my car so much!!
  16. 11/8/11 update...

    DD pickup has been down for a while. So, I've had to use the GT as a DD(short commute).

    as of now, 73,100 or 1600 miles since May 2011.

  17. #1813 2003 black coupe

    all oringinal except head on drivers side...305k as of today

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  19. Took #3854 out for a spin today to start the new year off. As of Jan 2, 2012, it has 22,500 miles with original battery and tires!
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