35th Anniv Current Mileage January 2007?

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  1. #4366 50,276, and just had the original Motorcraft battery replaced by the dealer prior to purchase as it tested bad during the pre-purchase inspection.
  2. 78,500 here, tucked away in garage til spring
  3. Wow, that's awesome. Testament to longevity of these cars and motors!
  4. 68,00 just grenaded original motor
  5. 122,000 kms/75,000 miles. I only account for a few hundred of those kms so far.
  6. 115,000 kms
  7. #3854 at 23k miles. Had to replace the original battery as it started cranking slow. Not bad for 13 years! Installed a new Motorcraft battery hoping to get another 13 years from it.

  8. Been some time since I did this...



    Or 3100 per year since last update.

    In the last few months, I did have the intake replaced(small crack formed) and tune up. She runs great...need new tires now.
  9. Latest mileage update.


    84500 miles

    As of last fall the GT went back into use as my DD. I drive about 30 miles round trip 5 days a week. I must say its been nice, although I now need to replace either the ball joint or tie-rod bushings as they start squeaking on cold days. I have put to rest the idea of keeping this car for much more than 20+ years. I know I'll be driving it for the next few years, so I am doing my best to keep it looking/running great until the time comes to sell it.
    Car has been rock solid since day one. I have spent only about $1000 only repairs or replacement items (not tires/oil changes) in the 16 years of ownership. I never modded the car due to lack of extra funds and I honestly never beat on the car.

  10. 12,310 ...
  11. As of January 2016. 90,500 since I started using it as my DD again.
  12. June 2016 update.

    Just under 92,000 miles on the GT. Purchased a "new" DD from a friend(her mother passed away). A 1991 Camry 2.0l gets great gas mileage.

    As for the GT....No real issues mechanically, but I see some small clear coat bubbles/blisters forming on the rear spoiler. Overall the only paint related issues have been with the plastic hood scoop(slight deterioration/discoloration of paint), side scoops(discoloration/aging) and spoiler(clear coat issues).
    Front and rear bumper covers were repainted a few years ago and still look nice. As does most of the rest of the car.
    Interior issues are creeping in, door panels need some slight attention and there is a bit of age showing on some surfaces such as steering wheel and drivers seat.

    Funny this almost sounds like a "for sale" post, but its not. I have no immediate plans to sell the car. But as with most things the time is coming and crawling out of any car that sits low is a pain. I hear you young guys laughing!

    Owning this GT for 17 years has been fun and it has been rock solid mechanically. That is always a bonus.
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  13. January 2017 update.

    Just under 94,000 miles. Still great car.

    Driving the DD Camry mostly and gladly so.

    I have begun the process of looking into my next vehicle and to be honest I am ready for something more pedestrian and thriftier. Never thought I'd say that. Still about 2 years away on that purchase.
  14. Don't sell it. You have had it for a long time and will miss it.
  15. I have plans to restore the 1966 Fastback in my signature, Its my lifelong Mustang, so I'll still have one.
  16. Lucky! That's my dream car....1966 Fastback. The problem is that they are usually in really bad shape or completely restored and expensive. Finding a solid V8 for a decent price is a challenge. Can you post some pics of the 66 FB? Good luck on restoring it.
  17. 20171109_101025.jpg

    here is mine had 305k on last post 2012
    417k now

    still mostly original..I'm impressed
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  18. December 2017 update.

    Driving as a DD. Camry is out of commission for a bit until I get a few things fixed. I had the 35th buffed and detailed. Mileage is just over 94,000. Still rocking along.

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