Current project log on the Stereo Integrity Cobra

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  1. Oh your like me then,I hate to mount things permanently in case i want to put it back to stock(but that never happens) :rolleyes:
  2. No new progress, however, my custom Mag has arrived!!! Look at that pretty Laser Red basket!




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  3. Dude, I have seen that pic about 12 times now, and it still looks great. I may go that route if what I already have in the closet doesn't make me happy. That D2 is spec'ing out real nice- I can't wait for the hands-on review.
  4. Any more new NEWS?
  5. Car's in storagwe for the winter and it's too chilly to be glassing. Sorry. Trust me, once it starts moving again, you'll see PLENTY of progress photos.
  6. New amplifiers!




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  7. US amps are awesome! I had 1 a few yrs. back
    Im in the process of doing a system in my 94 Cobra now.
    12" IDMAX!!!!!