custom balance tube ideas

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  1. well, ive decided to change my exhaust once again. right now ive got shortie headers, custom x pipe, and spintech pro streets. im trying to figure out what i want to build. im not going to be buying anything since ive got plenty of friends who can weld and access to a mandrel bender. my question is...should i build just a regular h pipe or should i build a prochamber type deal. im kind of leaning towards the prochamber idea because i want something that sounds totally different than anything else. if anyone has any ideas that they have been thinking about as far as a balance tube goes...let me know. thanks
  2. maby try a dual a normal one but another balance tube....Just a thought but it might work and sound cool
  3. that does sound interesting. not sure if it would just be overkill but it might work. maybe put two smaller diameter crossovers instead of 1 larger cross over.

    the only reason ive been thinking about this is because in my class we are tuning nascar engines on an engine dyno and trying different combinations of headers and collectors and balance tubes. i also found out that one of the instructors at the school who used to work for sterling marlin back in the day when he won the winston cup championship helped design the x-pipe that everyone uses in racing and street cars. they adapted it from indy cars that were running one large collector that all the primaries went into. just kinda neat to be able to talk to people that have had a huge influence on performance stuff.
  4. or a duall this

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