custom box

Discussion in 'Mustang Sound & Shine All' started by rustang94, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. I have a 94 gt w/o the mach 460 and I have a single 10" jl w3 and a mono jl amp. I'm just looking for some ideas how to custom fit them in. If anyone has any pics or info that would be great
  2. it wont be hard at all to fit that 10 in your trunk ihave 2 jl 12w3s in mine and ihave a convertable. make a box that fits right up against your back seat and you wont lose that much trunk space. sorry i dont have pics but mine wont really help you out that much. ANDY
  3. Okay this is what i did to get my measurements. First, figure out max dimensions for your width, height, and depth (how much possible space). For my 96 w/ the mach system i think the max height was 11.5", the max width was like 30 something and i limited it to 12" deep. Then get one of those programs that help w/ speaker box design (somebody help me out i forgot what it's called, you might know), select your sub/driver and just mess w/ the dimensions. I decided to input the max height and depth and set the width to unknown and it came out 20 something inches. Also if you want to subtract for the angle of the seat back the program helps set that up, you could make a template for the angle of the seat for dimensions by using some cardboard or something like that. Build the box, then use some plywood or thin mdf and build a trim panel to go over the front of it that will contour to the edges of the trunk. Mount your amp somewhere behind the panel.
    Hope that helps.