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  1. I got everything back together, I just need to figure out where to put my LMAF and filter. Here's the first set-up, the meter is right inside the fender parallel to the ground....

    And then this way would have it the meter upside down, but completely out of sight...
    It would attach to the end of this pipe (pic is sideways)...


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  2. i would go with the shorter one and maybe make a plate to cover where the pipe goes into the fender

    something like this one (bottom right)

  3. i like my air filter in the stock location with a heat shield over it.
  4. where did you get those silicone connectors
  5. Bling Bling! All I see are shinny pretty things!
  6. You have a freakin' sexy car.
  7. i like the first.

    1- less piping
    2-easier to clock the maf if needed

    are you going to use that coupler right in the middle between the 2 pipes? i would weld them together for a cleaner look

    that would look great chromed

    what size piping did you use?
  8. I kinda like the first way also.

    That engine bay is hot mang! I hate to go OT but where did you stuff the CCRM and what was involved (I'd like to get mine out of the way)?
  9. i like the one with no bends between the maf and the air filter. if neither has any bends, i like the 2nd one more.

    for the connector, if you aren't planning on welding it, check out the connectors i used. i know that my engine bay is extremely ghetto, but i really think these connectors are a little classier than the normal blue silicone connectors. and they have them at home depot ...

    but it looks like you have a blue and polished/chrome thing going, so probably never mind

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  10. Thanks for your replies. I think I’m gonna do the first one. It’s less piping and I already have everything cut. I considered welding the two pipes together but for easy of assembly/disassembly I think I’ll use the silicone coupler; I will trim it down and make it as small as possible.

    I got all of the silicone couplers from including the 3” aluminum tubing and the t-bolt clamps.

    Tonight I’m gonna drill a hole for the IAT and extend the MAF and IAT wires. Then I just need to get the tubes chromed. Anyone know how much chroming should cost? It’s about 20” of 3” inner diameter aluminum tubing.
  11. It's next my radiator right above the ABS unit. I'll see if I can remember to get a pic tonight. It's not mounted to anything but is it held in place by the wiring harnesses around it.
  12. remember, try to keep it up as high in the fender as possible. I hydrolocked my car's origional engine with a cai gping through a puddle
  13. That's why I like the first one. Even though the car only goes out on nice days, there's always a chance I'll get caught in rain before I can get home.
  14. I agree. I've been looking for a kit that looks similar to what Steeda offers for the 4.6L, which is a stock-length intake tube with a polished aluminum heat shield over the filter, but have yet to find one. I realise this will do nothing for performance but I just want it for bling. I'm a bit leary of puting the filter in the fenderwell because I'm paranoid it'll get dirty real fast and/or suck-up water.

  15. check out the c&l inlet pipe.

    that is what i have, but it came with a black plastic heat shield and not an alum cover.
  16. man why did you paint over the red ??? lol i see some paint flaking lol your car looks good and that engine bay looks nicely cleaned up...i would go with the first choice

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