"custom" exhaust idea, anyone?

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  1. i know of a killer deal on a mac h and catback, problem is, its a gt kit and i have an lx (vert). my thoughts are to be little different and cut/weld the tails to exit just behind the rear tires, similar to a lot of classic muscle cars. i know lots of folks like the tail pipes, and i do too, but i like to be a little unique, AND mac wants 200 bucks for new tail pipes... anyone ever seen a fox with exhaust like what i'm thinking?
  2. Looks like poo imho. Run turn downs until you canfind some tails on craigslist.
  3. Seen it done, looks better in your head than it does on the car. Rear exit tailpipes are part of the LX look IMO.
  4. just buy some stainless tips
  5. I like this
  6. Damn that car is hot...those are my favorite Cobra wheels.
  7. While everyone has their opinion on side exit exhaust, why not do side exit in front of the rear wheels if you are going to cut & weld anyway?

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  8. i heard yu lose some low end torque goinn this way?
  9. you'll wreck your wheels finish
  10. I wanted side exits for the longest time...but i just can't pass up the look of tail pipes. Without them an LX is just missing something in the back.
  11. I love that car thats pictured. I have a coupe that is the same color and has the same wheels but its in need of a paint job bad. Sorry to but in..
  12. I love the after the tire look on most older cars/trucks, however I agree with 302 coupe that tailpipes out the back are just part of the look that makes an LX. I wonder how the GT turndown tails would look on an LX, would they just hang down too far?
  13. Side pipes do not work on these cars. I was going to try and do something like the OP is talking about, and i think on the right car it would look cool.

    My idea with the pipes for my car was to point them out but make them so you couldnt really see them, but i found a deal on a full bassani exhaust and just run regular tails instead
  14. i just happen to have a set of flowmaster LX tail pipes in my garage... PM me an offer
  15. hahaha, ok ok, bad idea, i got it. found some mac 3 inch tails on ebay, fingers crossed for a good deal...
  16. I have 3 inch Magnaflow tails on mine. I think it looks pretty good, stockers always seemed a little small to me for some reason.Never liked the look of dumped or before the tire exhaust set ups. Tail pipes just look alot nicer imo. Go tails :nice:
  17. well, i'm stubborn and since i have some MAC 3 inch tails on the way i figured i'd try my idea with the gt tails for the hell of it. call me crazy, but i dont think it looks terrible and the sound is unique, absolutely no drone anywhere. i'll put the mac's on when they come in but i wont throw throw these away...

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  18. You are crazy, it looks terrible. Looks like a 4cyl car now.
    Lx's are known for their beautiful tailpipes, people have been trying to duplicate it (unsuccessfully) on other cars for years.
    What you did looks like it belongs on a pick up truck.
    Different and better are two completely different things.
  19. It's different and doesn't look too bad. From what I'm reading in everyone's post, they all want a cookie cutter LX with a different paint job and the SAME Cobra wheels(IMHO I think are played out). It's nice to see someone thinking outside of the box!