Custom Fabrication??

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  1. i currently make custom pieces for cars with fiberglass and carbon fiber. mostly for BMW's. i havent messed around with my 88 stang because it is awaiting a tranny swap. what would you guys like to see made for our style stangs. maybe i can make something you guys are interested in and sell at wholesale cost to fellow members of the board. it would have to be the same body style as mine for the simple reasons i have a test car in my garage. (87-93) also the person with a decent suggestion will get the part at material cost.
  2. that is awesome...there was a thread about a full carbon 95, but it was expensive as hell...

    not sure what a bunch of us would really want tho


    EDIT: Actually...while we are on the subject, and this has nothing to do with carbon or fiberglass, but i was trying to make brushed aluminum "5.0" badges, and i have looked at the eMachine Shop site, but to make these little things they want like $130 a set and i am wondering if anyone has any metal fabrication hookups?....

    Here's what i was has a suttle curve, higher in the middle

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  3. Yeah full carbon fiber would run alot!!! especially with the carbon fiber shortage worldwide. i can make even small parts like the trim around the window switch, gauge clusters, stuff like that. shoot me a idea and i can see what will work.
  4. door handle bezels, window switch plates.. name everything i neeeedd.. lol
  5. that would be a sinch. i could have those made in about 2 days.
  6. Dash plates like this
  7. do you have any pix of what you have made before?
  8. the only difficulty would be around the indicator and high beam notification area. i could make something out of the stock bezel though.
  9. what about a brushed aluminum rear seat delete cover with "5.0 powered" in the middle???:shrug: but that might be a lil big but i think it would sell and look awesome.
  10. yeah, heres a carbon fiber intake my friend and i made.
  11. i dont work with aluminum. just fiberglass and carbon fiber.

    here is a picture of it before carbon is added. i cant show too many more because of competition is that related feild.
  12. how bout like a cold air intake type tube thingy, or some sort of chin spoiler for Lx's like on the old mustang...someone on this board has a custom one
  13. i was thinking about a carbon fiber air intake sheild.
  14. yea, what about a fiberglass front splitter though?
  15. for ? GT or LX?
  16. which model do you have to work with??
  17. 88 GT all stock except motor.
  18. ahhh... i was lookin for an lx
  19. ahh...sweet...if there was some type of splitter that would work good on a GT i'd definately be interested...the GT needs a little more on the front
  20. let me see what i can come up with. were you thinking like a carbon fiber splitter similar to this but for a mustang ?