Custom Fabrication??

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  1. that would be nice i think....something to that the Mach 1....the GT has a little outward-ness at the bottom...maybe if it went and sort of went up into the opening in the middle
  2. i think i know what you are talking about. can you post a pic that would help my brain out a little ? i think i know what you are talking about.
  3. well this one is the cobra R...might be cool to get rid of those front fender extensions with how this wraps around


    heres a mach 1...i dunno if this would work out too well tho lol

  4. thanks for the pics. i have a pretty good idea what i can do. i will have to pull my bumper tomorow night and figure something out. good idea. im just not sure how it would look on a stock car though. with wheels and a drop that might look good. what do you think ?
  5. well personally i have the drop and rake and some 17's so it may work, but i think it may be tough to make a presentable chin spoiler for a fox GT...i do think one would look killer on an LX, which is kinda what the saleen bumper does
  6. i will look into this with more detail once i get the bumper off the car. in your case with a drop and rake i think it would definatley give your front end a more aggressive look.
  7. How about a dual 2 5/8" guage pod for the exterior. Somthing that could be slightly recessed into the the factory cowl. If you can PM me.
  8. Def try to make one for an LX bumper if you can because i believe they would sell alot more because the Gt already has stuff going for it looks wise, while most lx's look better with subtle things like a small cowl hood or a small chill splitter like that one on that BMW u poster or the pic of the 94-98 mustang with the Mach 1 splitter
  9. yeah i see what you are saying. i would have to buy a LX front bumper just to make a mold, it just seemed easier to make stuff for GT's because i can work off mine. im going to look for a used bumper locally to test fit pieces. unless anyone is in S. cal and would like to donate one and be rewarded with a finished product.
  10. how bout carbon fiber inserts for the heat controls? i know it would eliminate the lighting controls, but i think i could live without them lol Or... how bout a carbon fiber ford emblem for the front?
  11. i think i am going to make a web portfolio of these pieces you guys are recommending and take a poll on what pieces you guys would be interested in. the interior pieces seem to be the most subtle, popular and probably the cheapest to produce. so far we have came up with the folllowing

    all in carbon fiber
    1. gauge bezels
    2. inside handle bezels
    3. window switch plates
    4. front splitter for LX
    5. inserts for the heat controls
    6. shift boot plate (around the shifter)

    please let me know you likes and dislikes on these listed.
  12. what about a fan shroud????:scratch:
  13. just a layover you can put on with double sided tape, or a complete top portion?
    the top portion would be a good idea.
  14. no not a layover. i dont like the plain look of the thing and would be nice to have something diffthen it
  15. im going to pull the shroud tonight and check it for mold capability. thanks for the suggestion. i will keep you in mind if in and when i go through with this piece. :hail2:
  16. :nice: just let me know if u go through with it!!
  17. I have a Stalker front bumper cover, and a Carbon fiber horse would be sweet (its smaller than the 94+ horse). I can give measurments if needed.
  18. wheres the horse? post a pic of it.