Custom Fabrication??

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  1. im not sure if that one would be possible due to the extreme detail. i will have to talk to the guy that does most of the wrapping. :shrug:
  2. i would like to see one on an lx
  3. i am currently working with other forum members to come up with a design of what they would like it to look like. if you have any suggestions, post up.
  4. i would LOVE to see a front splitter for a gt. i have been looking for something i can fabricate for the longest time and im still unsuccessful. if you do come up with something i will definitely buy it from you. i just dont like how the gt bumper has an upward angle(i guess for clearance, but i dont like how it looks). im considering buying a stalker and modifying it, but a chin spoiler would be awesome and probably cheaper
  5. pm me and im sure we can work out the design details. im doing this out of my garage on the side with a fellow business partner so you wont be paying out the ass for this.
  6. Since most people's ash trays and consoles are broken... how about a simplified replacement for the whole center piece of some kind- console and ashtray deleted of course?
  7. armrest and all?
  8. Hmmm... maybe. :shrug:

    That might be a little time consuming. Could be as simple as a long smooth piece with a cut out for the E-brake and shifter :shrug:

    That would look sweet %$# sweet in carbon fiber :D
  9. i definetly think a CF shifter base cover would be great but what about that seperate panel on the door panels that right behind the arm rest im needing to get mine re-opolstered and thought that it might look good in CF instead
  10. i have been thinking of doing that piece for awhile. im not to sure about the piece behind the armrest on the door. i will have to go outside and check that out.
  11. what about the bezels around the window and lock switches i know they make billet ones but might look really nice in CF
  12. i actually pulled the shift boot plate and window/lock bezels today. i made a mold of the boot plate and im going to send if off to my partner to cover it in CF. i will take pics of the finished product and you guys can let me know what you think. hopefully i can get the bezels molded soon too. :scratch:
  13. I would love a 90 degree intake elbow (that first tube out of the intake manifold) and made a little bit long on each end so i can cut the ends off as needed for a perfect fit, and would a smooth inside be possible?
    i'd prob pay about 40-60 on that peice

    also a CF battery box would be amazing, i would design it around an optima redtop, because those are the most popular,
    id pay about 60-90 on that

    lol CF brake rotors would work too, and a CF rear bumper :nice:

    i dont have any intrest in the CF interior peices,
  14. hell y not ur whole car:shrug:
  15. you would have to post a pic of the elbow piece you are talking about. i am currently working on a carbon fiber shift boot plate. the battery tray would be a good idea but that would be a waste of CF only because you wont be able to see most of it
  16. n e news on the LX front splitter in fiberglass?
  17. im still trying to track down a used LX front bumper i can work off of. if you know of anybody in S.cali let me know. i found a used rear on craigslist for $10. if it was a front i would have jumped all over it.
  18. its the bottom chrome peice in this picture

    you right a battery tray would be a waste of time, i'm talking about a battery box normally used when relocating the battery to the trunk or out of the engine compartment, here is what im talking about
    basically anything u can make that will save me some weight i'll buy