Custom Fabrication??

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  1. got ya. the box would be fairly simple, and so would the tube. i will look into the box for you. would you want the box the same dimensions as that one or would something similar be ok ? would you want the intake tube universal or length specific?
  2. yea, you def gotta get ur hands on one :D

    sucks u live on the other side of hte country:owned:
  3. you doing any parts for 94+ ?

  4. not at the moment, depends on what you want?
  5. i need something made up really soon.....relocated my battery in my rear and the area in the front now contains msd things..against the fenderwall i have 1 headlight ballast mounted, msd6al, and rpm window switch, and retard...i would like to box them in kinda hide them i know you need pix, but just seeing if thats something you could make out of will pretty much be a square box with maybe a flare around the edge so i could screw it to the fender...also under the maf i have the 2 nos solonoids and i wanna do the same thing box them in..ill paint both peices with the paint i have but i was thinkin already of goin to a place where they could weld it out of shet metal but i am open to helpin out a fellow stangnet member

    oh and also i am mounting an markVIII electric fan and was looking for something to mount to it that would hold a coolant res...stock one preferrably but i also have the large universal unit right now that comes from autozone...and its taking up space behind the pass headlight..and i really wanna remount the stock intake box
  6. wow :eek: im going to send you a pm
  7. is there anyone is willing to let me take some measurments of their fox vert? i need some info for another fanatic.
    EDIT: would be helpfull if you didnt have a backseat, or willing to let me take it out. i will offer some type of custom fabrication for your time
  8. lol!:nice: :SNSign: :SNSign: :SNSign:
  9. The box you could prob. just base it off a normal battery, but it'd be cool if u could base it off a optima red top since that is what i'm going to be putting in it. And you gotta make sure u make a lid that will seal tight somehow, and holes for the cables

    The tube, you'd have to copy a 5.0 tube, any aftermarket intake tube would work good i think, basically evry mustang has an aftermarket cold air intake so you prob find one around you.

    i'd like to see em finished before i payed for them, pm me, if u wanna follow thru..

    oh&sounds like your making a CF back seat delete im interested in that too
  10. hows the fabrications going?
  11. not well, i have the time and money to start these peices however i need determined buyers and other model stang pieces to start the fabrication. i have tried to locate local members that have spare pieces i can use for reference. i know it is difficult for people to just buy things from me without seeing finished products. the hard part is that i am trying to build customer relations but at the same time i need buyers to come forward with some incentive to motivate me to build.