Custom fibreglass fender trim / removing plastic mouldings from doors

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  1. I just wanted to say hello to everyone over here at Stangnet - I normally post on turboford (as lx-fox) as the car I'm building is a 2.3 turbo LX coupe. Right now I'm making custom fibreglass fender pieces that will taper off as they get to the wheel wells... so that I can rip off the plastic side mouldings from the doors and have a clean look. Feel free to take a look:

    [As posted originally on the other forum:]

    For those of you unaware, I am and have been building an LX Fox Mustang with my dad for the past 7 years. I infrequently come to the board and have posted during the engine build process in order to get help in getting everything up and running... well it's all sorted mechanically and I am now on to the aesthetic aspect.

    The hard plastic / rubber mouldings that were stuck to the doors and fenders of the Mustang were falling off the car from having sat in the sun so long. Before priming the Mustang, I went ahead and ripped off the trim - making the doors completely smooth. I am now coming up with a solution to blend in the trim that runs around the front and rear bumpers with the fenders. The pieces shown in the album are the start of moulds for the custom fender pieces; they'll be mounted front and back, run from the bumpers and smooth out down towards the doors.

    The pictures of the pieces in white are the first stage after building the forms and priming them in high-build. I then spent about 3 hours hand sanding the high build down, and sprayed them in an enamel (the pictures of the pieces in black). Still need to sand the enamel down to a smooth finish and mount everything on boards.

    Let me know if you'd like to follow as I continue and I can put up more build pics.

    *Since I originally wrote this I've wet sanded the black high-build enamel and mounted the pieces to laminate to make the plugs.

    Fender Trim pictures by lx-fox - Photobucket
  2. Sorry if I wasn't clear in the title - this is for a fox body, cheers
  3. Interesting, how are you going to hold them on?
    Bob in Maine