Custom intake plate on installed on BBK ssi Intake

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Apr 29, 2004
Medicine Hat, AB
Hawtness is what I think...good job man! :nice:

I love that intake, the plaque just makes it look even hotter


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Feb 16, 2001
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Damn straight...that looks mint...:eek:

I actually like the top one with the Gold tint cause of the lighting hitting it...


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Sep 25, 2002
Ravena, NY
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1. Used the original cover as template for the new cover made out of 1/8" aluminum
2. Use sandpaper and steel wool to give the plate a brushed look.
3. Designed graphics and made them from vinyl and applied them.

If I really wanted to I could have made a stencil to place on the plate then polish what was showing through. Would have about the same look as it does now but it would be impossible to keep the polished parts polished so I just used the chrome for the effect and no maintanence required.


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Sep 25, 2002
Ravena, NY
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Don't know if you guys noticed or not but the hi flow fuel rails that come with that manifold are anodized blue. Well, blue isn't the color under my hood, red is. So I have started polishing them to get rid of the blue. Had to sand them down and let me tell you it's been alot of work, that anodizing is very hard/tough stuff. Then went with the polished Kirban FPR to match.


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Sep 25, 2002
Ravena, NY
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Negative. I have a paxton and an intercooler so the piping will not be the same as stock fox. About 30 times more piping. I have the filter in the fender. It goes up into the supercharger, then out the sc back out the fender to the intercooler and then out the outside of the intercooler back into the engine bay and into the intake.

Its hard too see all the piping in the engine compartment but this is my old setup. You kinda get the idea I think.
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