Custom interior door panel

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  1. I understand there is a company manufacturing custom interior door panels for the 2005 and 2006. California Mustang has a set of stainless panels for sale. However, I have seen photos of them in different colors. I can't find a single place, however, that sells them. Anyone know anything about these?
  2. Been there. Saw that. It tells me nothing about what's available and the cost. Anyone know a dealer who has this stuff and offers it on a website?
  3. There is another company in MM & FF Jan. 2014 edition near back of Magazine that offers a custom door panel trim kit. They are called Predator Mustang. I bought one of their panel kits after trying to reglue mine several times with 3M adhesive. I love it and even won 1st in a Houston car show.

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  4. May you provide their website url?