Custom License Plate Ideas

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  1. For my 04 I thought of getting the TX plate that has the first letter in black with white backround with the rest with white on black background.

    I was thinking S| Low 46.

    As in Low 46 because it's slammed, and also as Slow 46 because it's ****ing slow. But it's broken up so you could read it either way.

    Also thought about just putting "Low Life" on a black plate.
  2. I wish I could afford a custom Tx plate. I like the Sneaky ideas that you mentioned :nice:
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  4. :nice: Glad to see it updated
  5. Sick man. I wonder how many people will understand what it means...Most likely everyone at the track.
  6. I've already gotten a couple of compliments, haha.

    The only people reading it at the track will be watching me leaving them after they underestimated the sneakygt. :D
  7. or they paid to much attention to your plates instead of shifting gears!! :D like the plates i have a 98gt just like yours but red..... and slooowwww
  8. Nice sneaky!
    I'm going to pull the trigger on mine once it expires.
    teufel gt or teufel 2v
    I'm a Marine Vet. Our nickname was earned from the way we fought the the germans during the Battle of Belleau Wood. Teufel-Hundens or translation Devil Dogs.

    So Devil GT basically
  9. I was thinking about "3111a" its the section in the Pa vehicle code that doesnt carry points on your license.
  10. Nice!
    Sadly in PA someone already has Artemis
  11. Heres my 08's

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  12. always loved yhis one back when speed limits were 55 mph

  13. Haha nice.

    I'm still rocking the sneakygt. I think I'm gonna change it up here in a couple of months and go with "LS WHAT?" :stir: Especially if all my plans for the car come together before then. :jester:
  14. I want sncboom as my plate :)
  15. myplatenew.gif

    or any combination of 1's and i's

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