Custom Made Shifter Handle Relocator

Discussion in 'Interior Exterior Parts' started by 5.0 Ford Guy, Aug 2, 2013.

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  1. I have a Pro 5.0 Shifter in my 94. When hitting first gear you smash your knuckles on the console. So I made one of these...


    I then redesigned it and made these...

    These are made from 7075 Aircraft Aluminum. If anyone wants one let me know. If I get enough interest I may make a few more.
  2. Sorry man, but since you're offering these items for sale, I had to move this thread to the classifieds section.

    That being said, I might be interested if the price were right and the shipping not overly expensive?
  3. Oh, I wasn't selling them. I only have 6 right now and I just made those because I have a couple people I know wanting one. If you want to pay shipping I'll send you one. Did you see the thread about the headlight knobs I made?
  4. I just make crap at work while my machine is running a part. On Friday's I have 4 CNC mills at my disposal and I am a GOD on every one of them ;) It also helps I can design and engineer some really cool stuff. Wait 'til you see the shifter bezel I am designing!
  5. That would be pretty useful for people with short arms ;)

    Still interested in the light knob.
  6. I'll have to check it out next. :nice:
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  7. It places the shifter in a more comfortable location. Plus I don't smash my fingers any more on the console.

    CLICK HERE Gearbanger.
  8. make more things. lots more.
  9. It would really be interesting if I had my own shop.
  10. I would be willing to pay shipping to try one of these!
  11. PM me your address. I'll reply with mine and my Paypal email.
  12. My other complaint with the design of our center console is that you can't casually shift easy because you can't both rest your elbow on the center console and hold the shifter at the same time because they're too far apart. I imagine this would probably. Get rid of that issue.

    Now if only I had a t5 in my car!
  13. T-minus 10 seconds until @srtthis gets in here and says "I would break that!" :D
  14. Haha 29minutes...

    And I would...
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  15. Yeah, you wouldn't break this. I tried and I bet I'm a lot bigger than you. 7075 is as tough as it gets. And my designs - they don't bend. They don't break. Period.
  16. The threaded stud the knob screws onto would actually break off long before this piece does.
  17. I would like to get one of these if you still have it. Thanks
  18. Hey do you still have any of these?
  19. Well, FWIW, I still have and use mine. Great addition. Especially if you're a tall guy like myself and need to drive with the seat all the way back (and then some with the seat extenders). Brings the shifter back enough that you don't have to lean forward to shift gears. :nice:
  20. how do you get hold of this guy?
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