Custom painting the interior of your stang

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  1. I'm painting the interior of my stang does anyone know how to remove the center bezel? also what is the best type of paint and clear coat to use?

    And how do i remove the exterior mirrors??

    I checked but there instructions are not all that.

    Here's some pics of what I want my saleen to look like
  2. here are the pics

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  3. one more

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  4. the shifter bezel or the one above that one. The one that holds the stereo and such?
  5. yes do i have to take the radio out or no?

    also do you have link to take the side mirrors out?
  6. not sure about your car but on a 98 you have to remove both the tape and cd player then 2 screws above where the cd player was. And also there is a screw that holds the tape deck support in place that needs to be removed then the rest should just unsnap
  7. pop all the switches out for traction control foglights ect and take the boot peice out first other one comes out easy enough afterward no screws as i remember held in with clips only

    no radio doesnt come out for this job on 99-04
  8. First question that pops into mind, "Why the hell is a mustang owner paint customizing the interior of their car??!!?"
  9. :lol:

    thats the way saleens interior comes and i like the look first of all :nice:

    second of all i could afford the weight of the once paint since i dont have a aluminum deep space array mounted on my trunk
  10. Sorry for the mixup 03redfire but my question was directed towards the person who started the post.
  11. Just forcefull pull the bezel out. You don't have to remove anything. Just rip that sucker out, it will eventually pop out :nice:

    But I must warn you. I painted my interior in a silver metallic. I prepped the pieces (center bezel, shifter bezel, gauge bezel, door bezels) with rubbing alcohol. Sanded. Primed with automotive paint primer (3 coats). Sprayed the automotive paint (3 coasts). And I finished with 3 coasts of clearcoat to seal. Despite how careful and miticulous I was, within a month or so, the paint started to rub off. What i had left was an ugly mess. I sanded, primed again, and repeated the entire process. Once again, after a few weeks, it began to rub of and looked absolutely horrible. I ended buying stock black door bezels and Mach 1 silver bezels. Paint just does not adhere well to the interior plastic :shrug:

    But good luck
  12. i painted mine yellow in the gt then that Fast n Gay movie came out and ****ed it all up but mine still has not rubed off
  13. thats the problem you had my friend you need to use a Vinyl based paint with a high gloss to it the clear coat isnt needed then

    i know exactly what you did and what it looks like id be willing to bet it didnt peel but instead the clear cracked and looked like spider webbing right ?

    For the record bro if you would like yours painted you can mail me your Unpainted peices

    of course you pay for paint and shipping both ways and ill do them for you for free NC

    a pint of high gloss vinyl based paint cost on average +or- $40
  14. No paint Just bling :D

  15. its nice but i consider it "plain Jane"

    this is "Bling"
    its all subjective so take no offense as none was intended :)


  16. Remove the triangular speaker covers to reveal the screws that hold the side mirrors in place.

  17. ok thanks for your tip guys I'll let you know how it goes I start removing and painting on mon. I know I'm suppost to buy the smallest cans possible because the bigger ones tend to spray to much paint and it starts running..

    Someone posted why I would paint the interior of my mustang...

    Look at the pics i attached looks a lot better than stock I wanted to match the exterior of the car..
  18. I used fussion paint and never had a problem. Been over 2 years and it still looks fresh. Fussion paint bonds to plastic highly recommend it for interior painting.
  19. Please do not paint the interior trim pieces of your Mustang... Do it for the CHILDREN man! The children that may someday own your Mustang. Do it for them... Do not paint it :(
  20. Ok first of all, painting the interior does not make your car a ****ing rice burner. Honestly, this forum is completely insane on its ideals of what "ricing out" something means. Painting a few pieces of your interior isn't one of them. The chrome temp control knobs, chrome window switches, and chrome inserts on the instrument cluster are just as "rice."

    Secondly, whoever was saying that they kept painting over and over and it kept rubbing off, I painted several things on mine (including the door handle bezels) silver metallic, without clear coating, and then clear coated them weeks later, and I've never had problems with it rubbing off, even in places I constantly rub. Did you use primer first?