Custom painting the interior of your stang

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  1. WhiteStang and 03RedFire...they both look like RICE. You have defaced your Mustangs. Time to slap on a 3ft Aluminum Wing and some vinyl graphics outside and hang out in the APC isles at your local automotive car store.
  2. Just for reference I will say that it is not considered rice, if you only have the interior pieces painted. However, if you notice the pictures that 03REDFIRE posted, that car has Z3 fenders on that along with the painted interior can be classified as rice. Rice is a theme, not just someone that has a nice car wanting it to stand out alittle by painting the interior trim pieces. I painted mine about 6 months ago, and every single person that sees it first tells me how nice it looks and then asks how I did it. The only thing that I can tell the people that want to do it, is that if you have a radar detector make sure the paint on the center bezel is 100% dry, or else you will end up with a ton of markings on it from the cord. Yes I did this, and now it has to be redone.

    One other thought Crazzy_Al, if painting interior trim pieces to you is considered rice, then how about painted brake calipers? Or is that okay because it is done on your car?
  3. This is what happened when the previous owner had a bright idea :bang:


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  4. I like painted door pods, but that's it.

    I am lucky that my car is silver. Ford offers Silver Metallic colored center console pieces on the 03-04 cars with the IUP package. I have the radio cluster, and as soon as i get the shifter trim i will install.

    I'd do the door bezels, but i'm afraid of it rubbing off.
  5. what shifter do you have. cuz i love the way it looks. thanks
  6. Hey crazy al my rice as you call it would eat your cobra for lunch. You might want to get yourself an aluminum wing to put over your pie hole :D :owned:
  7. :stupid:
  8. It is not teh rice...

    It is teh ghey...
  9. I like it. :nice:

    BTW, I'm moving to Sound and Shine. We really need to start posting these kinds of threads in Sound and Shine.
  10. Much better.
  11. because.

    why do you care so much?
  12. wow 03 is some serious rice, that car looks like some kind of piranha with wheels