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  1. I noticed in Project "Built to Cruise" that the cubby hole under the radio had been deleted and had a usb port installed in the panel. Was wondering if any one knows if this can be purchase or if it is a custom piece. Thanks.
  2. I buy blank plates from Florida 5.0 and put what I want in them.

  3. Dude,..."Built to cruise"???????? The #1 project of all projects on this web site. The owner of the web site's project.

    That would be like saying:

    I don't know who this Santa Claus dude is, but if it's toys at Christmas you need, You need to check out this web site:
    WWW. thatsjustwrong, wrong, wrong!.com:nonono:
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  4. Searching takes to long Mike. Build your own. The last two I've done were made out of aluminum mud skirt material. One came out in a treaded pattern and the other is covered in a carbon fiber vinyl. Find the USB connector and cut to place.
  5. Im with him you can source aluminum pretty much anywhere no sense in buying a premade plate. Takes all of 10 minutes to fabricate your own plate.
  6. @ smmackie, I had a plastic plate below my radio but just recently swapped it out for the factory storage box. I have no use for the plastic plate, you're welcome to it if you'd like N/C. My way of saying welcome to Stangnet. :nice: PM me if interested.

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