Custom Speaker Door panels

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by Kaczman, Feb 22, 2004.

  1. Hello all, i was wondering where you go to get custom door panels for a 94-98 mustang, or who makes them. I want to put more (diferent) speakers in my doors, like 2 sets of 6.5" but i cant find a place that sells or makes them... and i cand do it myself. Thanks in advance for the help
  2. When you say custom do you mean which walmart to go to?? The point being is custom generally refers to being custom made as no one else has them because they were made specifically for you. OK I'm done now. :bang:

    If you want to switch speaker sizes, go to your local car audio place that does installs tell them the speakers you want and get them to fit them to your car. they will tell you wether they can do it or not.
  3. what the hell are you, the fourm flamer? Custom means "not-factory/stock" I just asked if there was an aftermarket door panel that would hold 2 sets of my MB Quart Hex series 6.5 or 5.12 component sets... newb
  4. there are no after market door panels you can buy. you would have to go to a stereo shop in your area and maybe they can fabricate one for you. I know that your car will fit 5.25 and possibly a 6 in the factory 6x8 slot with slight modification. But 2 sets in one door not without completely fabricating a whole new door.
  5. There's a forum called sound and shine.... this is the gearhead forum ;)
  6. And by the way, yes, he is the Forum Flamer Nazi. So watch out!
  7. dont know why i came into the V6 forum? maybe it was screaming for me to bring a level head in here who knows but what you are looking for a company called Q-logic 94-96 97-2003 yes he is right as far as this probally goes better in sound & shine just wrong in the way he delivers information