Custom speaker installation

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  1. I am looking for a decent place in north jersey that does custom speaker installation. What i mean by custom is like fiber glass neon lights etc...I can install basic systems on my own but i dont have any of the resources to do something like this basically
    4th pic down.

    The only place i know of that does decent work is 6th ave electronics...but they charge like $12,000,000 an yea any help would be great thanks
  2. wow, your talking a lot of work if ya want It to look something like that. Im sure any shop that does that kind of work Is going to charge you a left nut.
    have you ever worked with fiberglass before? It's not as hard as some people make It out to be.
  3. notice the Horsepower is estimated and it probably weighs over 4000 lbs.

  4. Ya, im trying to get the best system i can, but at the same time the lightest
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  6. Im fairly new to this board but I saw this and figured I could help you out!

    There are a lot of good shops that are plenty worthy of doing this kind of work. I would highly recomend staying away from places like 6th ave, or Best buy, or even circut city!

    My recomendation is this. You might want to tackle this one on your own!

    A sound shop is going to charge you a lot for this kind of work! Not because its hard but becasue the amount of time that it takes!

    If your willing to put in the hrs I can explain step by step how its all done! The only part you will have to do is come up with a general idea on what you want your layout to be!

    I did my entire Mustang Install using 90% Fiberglass. It was the first time I ever used fiberglass and although Im sure I could have done a better job. I am damn impressed with my work! It just takes a lot of time! my system took me about total about 3 weeks start to finnish and thats while working a 9-5 job mon-friday
  7. I am totally willing to do it own my own...except i have NO idea where to get fiber glass how to cut it etc...I much rather do it own my own. And i do have a basic layout in my head of what i want to do.

    Do you have pics of your stereo in your car? I am interested in seeing it. Any other information you can give me would be great too
  8. No I don't :( I finnished everything late this winter. And have not had the oppertunity to take any pics. I will probably get to it in the next week or 2.

    As for suplies ect.

    This is a good place to start! they have a forum there specificly for fiberglassing you can find lots of How to's and such!

    Saddly enough you can buy everything you would need in stores like K-mart. or boaters world... home depot. All suplies are easy to come by!
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    Thanks for the lead on the 12V.COM site. Was helpful to US. We've been building built-ins where the back seat WAS as well. Fiberglassing is messy stuff ! LOL

  10. Fiberglass resin can be used with cloth, mat or mesh. It's fairly easy to work with, in steps, but is quite messy. You can even buy the stuff at Walmart in the automotive section. The hardest part is making the basic form of what you want to build, then covering it with layers. Once you've got the layers molded close to the way you want them, you sand and fill with body filler and spot putty. Sorry, I know that makes it sound too easy. It's more time consuming than anything.... but that's where you save $. Good luck man!
  11. I see and hear about alot of younger kids doing work with fiberglass, so i'll assume its no too hard.

    But a system of that caliber is going to be costly and heavy whether you do it or not.

    Also, please don't use any neons, that's like punishing your car.
  12. i not going to say to not try and do it your self. if you could do it yourself and save yourself some $$$$. by all means go for it.
    but sometimes we don't know what we're getting our selves into.
    so you could try a shop called Audio Clinic, in Harrison NJ. ican't find a business card to give you a phone number. but you could call 411 for it.
    if you do want to try them out. your best bet is going there in person, and talking to either Paul or Eggy. take with you a pic of what you want. and they will give you an idea of the cost. these guys have been doing this for a long time. buy no means butchers or hackers.

    i hope they could help you

    good luck