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  1. this is the box, fits like a glove:

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  2. This is the amp rack that goes where the spare used to.

    in the car


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  3. okay now, let's see it fit in that coupe's trunk, lol.
  4. how are you going to attach the amp rack into the spare tire well? I used 'L" brackets on the side, so I don't go through the gas tank underneath....looks a lot like the setup I have...
  5. Looks great. :Nice: What inch subs are those?
  6. man i cant believe you found a way to do that. the coupe's trunk is a PITA for space. ill get a pic of my box in there as soon as i can (pre-fab). i cut a piece of wood (not perfect..just to do its job) similar to your amp rack, and then dropped the box on top of that in the spare well. looks good man, and what subs?
  7. those are pioneer premier subs, i had (6) in my explorer, and this is half of them. they run of that tiny :lol: us amp at 1.33 ohms.

    the box fits, so tight that, if this was a woman id be in jail for 3-6 years.

    the amp rack fit in there rially tight, and i drilled a hole in the loop in the botom of the well and put the screw through there, i was very cautious of the fuel tank.

    If i had more time i would have fabricated a gas operated shock to open the trunk, i hate those bars, but i just built the box to keep em' air space came out @ .788 for each sub :shrug: i put some polly fill in there, and there deep as all hell, i have a rear seat delete, ill get some more pix up, no one responded for a while so i thought this tread was dead.
  8. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :lol:

  9. there 10's

    :lol: i could see how you guys thought they were 12"s :lol::rlaugh:
  10. The firt two are w/o the fake floor and the last, well you'll figure it out..


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  11. Nice install, do you have any cooling problems with your amp?
  12. yeah, i went out for about 2 hours and had the music loud, the amp that runs the subs went in to shut down. So as you can see in the pic sorta, i added a cooling fan you can see b/c its the only set of wires i didnt fish under the amp rack, b/c i cant get the amp rack out when the subs are in, and i cant get the subs out when the batts. in. and taking the batt out is a **** :lol: :rlaugh:

    but it fits so im happy..

  13. Man I would love an install like that, but I have a very long commute and I need my spare tire.
  14. yeah this one see's lots on new rubber on the back :shrug: still have NO traction.

    Its just a weekender and sunny day ride, When i go far, I put the spare in the back with jack and stuff.

    i could have put the amps under the seat but the way i made the box i wasn't going to be able to get the spare out anyway..
  15. My stang still has the stock system. I'm thinking about getting a Stealth box or a similar small box that I can still keep the spare in the trunk.
  16. Im sure you could get some in there, Ive even built boxes that have been attached under the rear deck.

    you can fit lots in there just make it removable, mount the amps on the back seat an make the box so it just snaps in or is strapped in so it comes out ez.

  17. Sounds like good ideas. The JLAudio Stealth box is expensice. I could get a decent amp, sub and build a box for the price of that thing.
  18. if you have a circular saw, jig saw, and drill, you can build your own

    use MDF (medium density fiberboard) and 12x12x12=1728 which is 1 cubic foot of airspace, find out what your sub needs and go from there, its soo simple you cant mess it up..
  19. Thanks. I happen to have all of those tools and access to a table saw.
  20. no prob. then your golden it will cost you about 40 bucks then 1 sheet of wood screws silicon, and some spray adhesive and carpet..